21 Bullet Journal Ideas for Beginners

Are you looking for Bullet Journal ideas for beginners?

15- minutes a day for bullet journal can make your day organized plus mindful. Promise! 

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it.”- Sharon Salzberg

It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the busyness of the world. Once engulfed in the chaos, it’s tempting to procrastinate and let go activities that  makes us calm. Last year, I started practicing mindfulness and I learned to align my emotions. I’ve found that mindfulness allowed me to be present throughout the day.

One challenge I faced was to practice it every day without fail. As Sharon Salzberg said it is not difficult to practice mindfulness, it’s just we need to remember to practice it everyday. Like most of the things, consistency is the key. 

As part of my early morning routine, I take few minutes to write down my To-Do lists and other lists to organize my day. Writing down my thoughts every day helps me to keep my priorities straight. It reminds me that organizing my day makes it less overwhelming and I can accommodate all the activities that boosts my wellbeing.

Despite looking extremely simple, I found that keeping diaries, journals, gratitude diary and finance trackers isn’t easy to manage.

Then, I found the Marie Kondo of journals- BuJo. 

It completely changed my life.

BuJo – Bullet Journal is a cult notebook-organization system that helps in organizing your internal and external life. The mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system. 


What is a Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal is like a combination of planner, diary, and a journal- everything in one notebook. It is developed by designer Ryder Carroll. As the name suggests, bullets and syntax are the core of bullet journaling and note-taking. Entries are tagged with symbols like bullet points, dashes, less than and greater than sign.

Key Features of BuJo:

Index: Table of content that is updated time to time.

Daily Log: It’s like your To-do list plus other observations.

Monthly log: Activities you need to do that month and the carry forwards of last month.

Future Log: This will have year-at-a-glance, goals, tasks and other plans like travel or holiday plans.

According to Ryder Carroll, this method of journaling will help you live more productive and meaningful life.”When I was young, I was diagnosed with ADD and there weren’t a lot of tools or resources available, so I had to design my own,” he explains. “Rather than keep notes like other people, I figured out how to organize and sort information the way that my mind works.”

What are the tools you need to get started?

You can use regular or branded bullet journals to start journaling and your pen. If you want to channelize you’re creativity then you can also use felt tip pens, stickers, and Washi tape. You can either take a minimalistic approach or you might use it as your creative outlet. It’s your very own creation. Do it the way you want to do it.


What is the best time to start a bullet journal?

Today is the best day to start journaling. You can even start journaling in the middle of the month.

What are the various trackers that can be used in the journal?

I might sound a little patronizing but there are trackers that have completely changed my life.

Although trackers are not a part of the original BuJo, it has become an integral part in analyzing your mental, physical and emotional well-being. 

In the tracker, you right down things you want to focus on- like your mood, breathing exercises, habits, sleep log etc. Every day you log in your activity in this tracker. After a month, you can analyze the pattern and figure out the triggers due to which you failed to do the activity or what changes are required to make your life more focused.

Here are 21 bullet journal ideas to add to your journal for everyone:

1- Health Tracker

2- Mood Tracker

3- Meditation Tracker

4- Habit Tracker

5- Exercise Tracker

6- Spending Tracker

7- Savings Tracker

8- Sleep tracker

9- Water Intake Tracker

8- Bills Tracker

9- Period Tracker

10- Book Reading Log

11- TV Show Tracker

12- Gratitude Log

13- Brain Dump

14- Go to resources

15- Time block notes

16- Medical history

17-Journal Prompts

18-  Daily Affirmations 

19- Quotes to live by 

20- Skills to learn

21- Meal Planner


What are Bullet Journal styles and trends?

Bullet Journal is nothing but self-expression. You don’t have to be an artist to create your BuJo. You can use stencils, white spaces, colors, stickers, Washi tapes or stamps to create your very own theme. These are some of the themes that you can choose for bullet journal ideas mentioned above.

    1. Minimal: White space with occasional pop of colors. Clean and neat!
    2. Artistic: Beautiful artwork with lots of sketches and colors.
    3. Quirky: Cute fonts, doodles and vibrant colors.
    4. Crafty: Stickers, stamps, washi tapes, and other tools used for art and craft.

Why use Bullet Journaling?

Bullet journaling is a perfect way to organize your wellbeing  – emotional, physical and mental. Journaling is considered to be a powerful tool to manage your mental health, anxiety and stress. It is fully customizable and you can start with just basic tools like a notebook, pen and colors. Use these bullet journal ideas to align your thoughts and emotions.

Remember consistency is the key!

I hope you liked the list of bullet journal ideas. 

Have you tried Bullet Journaling? What are your favorite BuJo spreads or pages?

Looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Lots of love,



13 Easy Halloween Treat Ideas: Have a fang-tastic night!

It’s Halloween, go totally catty, batty, deadly, ghostly and scary! Get some Halloween  treats to enjoy the spookiest day.

Stay safe. Stay scary. Enjoy the Halloween treats.

Spooky season is here! Though it feels that 2020 has been the scariest year due to pandemic, it shouldn’t stop us from enjoying the festival. We are planning a virtual Halloween party for friends and family over zoom with some spooky treats and twists. House parties aren’t safe so plan a virtual zoom party. You can checkout the essentials for planning the virtual party, here. This is also a time to get some Pinterest inspiration for frightening treats. I am not a good baker ( you can ask my husband, he has witnessed some scary baking disasters.) 

Here are 13 Halloween treats for the spookiest day of the year! You can check out all these Halloween treats on my Halloween Treats Easy – Pinterest Board.


1. Day of The Day Candy Party Tray 

As I mentioned before I am not a good baker, this is the easiest no-bake candy treat party tray. Follow the tutorial – celebrate the Day of the Dead!


2-  Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes

Who said you can’t follow your dietary restrictions? You can enjoy these low fat mummy cup cakes with vanilla frosting. I found it too cute!

Do you know why mummies never reveal their true age?
– ‘cause they like to keep it under wraps

3- OREO cookie eyeballs Halloween Treat 

Looking for halloween treat to make with toddlers? Here are cute cookie eyeballs that will make your kids super happy.

4- Chocolate Spiderweb Doughnuts 

You can have doughnuts anytime of the day. Make spooky spiderwebs on your doughnut and make it perfect for the scary night. You can bake the doughnut or get it from the store and decorate the way you want.

What do spiders do for fun on Halloween?
-Surf the web!

5- Spider Cupcakes for Halloween 

Pumpkin  cupcake base and cream cheese frosting with spider on the top makes it perfect for Halloween. Don’t be a scaredy spider!

6-  Strawberry Ghosts 

Give the spooky twist to the elegant strawberry…try dipping strawberries to melted white chocolate. Aren’t these boo-berries boo-tiful!

7-  3-Ingredient Halloween Treats 

Just 3 ingredients and you’re good to go. Again, it’s a perfect Halloween treat to make with toddlers.

8- Skeleton Gingerbread Men

Give a twist to delicious gingerbread men and make it spooky skeletons for Halloween. Happy Haunting!

Why didn’t the skeleton Go to the Halloween party?
– Because he had no-body to go with!

9- Witch  Cupcakes

I am a big fan of cake toppers. Cupcakes with witch toppers are not only cute but easy to make. Time to sharpen my DIY skills!


10. Halloween Bat Treats

The little bat screamed out in fright, “Turn on the dark…I’m afraid of the light.”- Silverstein. Four ingredients Halloween bat treats makes it perfect for the frightful night.

11. Witches Hat and Broom Sticks

Caution! Witch is crossing. Super-easy witches hat and broom sticks are too good to eat. Booo….

12. Bloody Red Velvet Cupcake

How can I not add Red Velvet cake to the list? This classic red velvet cake with raspberry coulis is perfect for scary Halloween treat.

13. Red Velvet Skull Cakes

To be very honest, I am not sure if I can make this cake without skull moulds. I know…I know…it looks scary. But that’s the beauty of Halloween.

So, what are your plans for this Halloween? Are you planning to go out for some trick or treats? What are your favorite Halloween treats for the scariest day of the year?

Hope you enjoyed the crazy list of Halloween treats!

If you’re not following my Pinterest, then please share some love and follow me on Pinterest, here.

Lots of Love,




13 Motivational quotes to kickstart new beginnings

Are you ready for the new beginnings? What does it mean to start over?

While we’re on the subject of new beginnings, let’s talk about the endings.

Let me tell you a Zen story that I read few years back. And, yes,we still need stories that provides us meaning of life, inspire and motivate us to embark on a new journey. This story teaches us that life is ever-changing and it’s not permanent.


The Crystal Cup

A Zen Master was gifted a beautiful crystal cup by his disciple. He loved the glass as it glistened in the sun. One day some visitors came to the master and asked, “How can you be happy in this world of impermanence?”

The master replied, “One of my disciples gifted me this crystal glass. I enjoy drinking water in this glass. I touch it and it rings!” 

Master took a deep breath and continued, ” One day the wind may blow it off the shelf or it can topple from the table. And I say, ‘Ah. Yes!’ When I understand that the glass is already broken, every moment with it is precious.”

The master is aware that material things will break one day but the experience lasts forever. With every ending, there is a new beginning.

A glass will eventually break!

The essence of this story is that nothing is permanent. Everything and everyone comes with an expiry date. Like our good days, bad days also have an expiry date. The wisdom you gain from your experience lays the foundation of the new beginning. 

The only thing permanent is the change!

The question is – how often are we ready to embrace the changes? What makes us anxious even though we know the outcome?

Here are some quotes to motivate you for the new beginnings:

Life is about change, sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful, but most of the time it’s both. — Kristin Kreuk


“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” — Sigmund Freud


“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.” — Gail Sheehy


“Nothing in the universe can stop you from letting go and starting over.” —Guy Finley


“The beginning is always today.” —Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” —George Eliot


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi


“Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.”-Ralph Blum


“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.”-  C.S. Lewis


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” —Seneca


“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” — Alan Watts


“You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” — Dr. Seuss


“Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose — not the one you began with perhaps, but one you’ll be glad to remember.”- Anne Sullivan 

Endings are powerful. It gives you an option to start over. Stay focused. “And a healthy mind — calmer, clearer, and contented — is less prone to being emotionally reactive during the highs and lows, and the successes and setbacks.”- Headspace

Practice and learn about mindfulness

Do share your favorite quote.

Lots of Love


Virtual Birthday Party: 3 steps to plan and execute unforgettable party

Throw the best virtual birthday party ever. Follow the unicorn!

You must be following social distancing norms but it shouldn’t restrict you from celebrating special occasions. Plan your next virtual birthday party to make the day special for your loved ones.

“Wherever they may have come from, and wherever they may have gone, unicorns live inside the true believer’s heart. Which means as long as we can dream, there will be unicorns.” – Bruce Coville

You never outgrow the magical world of ponies and unicorns. After all, we all need a little magic in our life. This year we planned to throw a unicorn birthday party for our daughter, but we ended up having a small virtual birthday party with friends and family.  I didn’t want to cancel Mireya’s Unicorn birthday party due to pandemic so I decided to throw a virtual birthday party to celebrate her 6th Birthday. I baked a cake, and I found some unicorn cake toppers online to decorate it. I cooked her favorite food and we were all set to celebrate. And played games like “Simon Says“, “Charades” and “Pictionary” with the kids. As a host of the party, I  noticed  that the kids knew the basic etiquettes of virtual world. They were taking turns, muted themselves when it wasn’t their turn and were dressed up for the party. I am so thankful  that we could celebrate her 6th Birthday the way she wanted. You can check her third birthday celebration, here.

Here is the birthday cake I baked for Mireya. My baking skills are not so good ( Please don’t judge me!) but, luckily, it turned out good. 

Kids are dealing a lot due to the pandemic – no onsite learning, limited/ virtual interactions with friends, no sports, lockdowns.  Even though they understand the situation, but we need to bring back the excitement, and zeal which is missing these days. Parents are trying their best to come up with creative ideas to celebrate festivals, special occasions and birthdays. 

Whether you’re planning a virtual birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas celebration or virtual get together, you will find everything that goes in virtual party planning. Here is the ultimate guide to make you a “perfect host” of a virtual party.


Plan your kids virtual birthday party like a pro!

Virtual Birthday Party planning is divided in three broad sections:

1- Technology 

2- Planning

3- Execution


In order to have a successful virtual birthday party, it’s is important to make sure that you have good internet connection, set party rules and robust platform. 

Internet connection: As far as internet connection is concerned, make sure it’s stable to avoid any cracking voices and frozen faces. Check your internet speed!

Tip: Using a laptop is better than phone.

Party rules: Set some party rules so that everyone is on the same page. It’s advisable to send general party rules with the invitation. It’s a virtual party so it’s important to make sure that everything runs smoothly without hiccups. You can add party rules like keeping mics muted when guests are not talking. Also, ensuring that your guests are dressed appropriately for the party. 

Tip: You can also send a checklist one day before the party.

Platform: There are may platform to choose from and it completely depends on the number of guests, party duration and availability of that app/platform  in your guest’s country. For instance, FaceTime, Whatsapp chat and Houseparty app doesn’t work very smoothly in the U.A.E so I prefer Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet for virtual parties. 

Tip: Ask your guests to check the App/platform settings and make sure that everything works fine.

Thanks to United Nations COVID-19 Response @unitednations for making this photo available freely on Unsplash 🎁



Planning a Virtual party involves most of the elements that you would have used in in-person party bash. The detailed planning of virtual birthday party ensures that everything works out smoothly without any hindrance. The idea is to celebrate with your friends and family.

Party Theme: You can ask your child to select their birthday party theme. Frozen, My Little Ponies, Unicorn or Jungle party? Choose any theme that makes your child happy. I suggest make a list of themes that your child like and find the party supplies online. And if there is paucity of time then it’s best to go DIY way. Pinterest has some great ideas to make life easier.

Guest List: I suggest you should limit the guest list to 6-8 kids. This will ensure that all kids will get their turn to participate in games. Larger the group, harder it will be to manage. Guest list also depends on the age of the kid, for instance, for toddlers and preschoolers the list will have 3-4 kids.

Party Duration: Anywhere between thirty to forty minutes is the perfect time frame for the party.  Within this time frame you can easily play games, have fun and sing birthday songs. You can easily increase the duration, if your guests are happy and excited to stay for some more time in the virtual birthday party.

Party Games: Although you’re having virtual party, it doesn’t restrict you from having fun. You can have some fun-filled exciting games that can entertain your guests. You can choose as simple as quirky old school games like “Simon says” to “Pictionary” to “Read my lips”. You can also send a link to your guests before the party to download Bingo cards and enjoy that too. 

Birthday cake: How can you have a party without a cake! You can get the cake from your favorite bakery or bake a cake at home. After the fun activities, have all your guests sing “Happy Birthday” together and end the party.



Now that you have planned the party in detail. It’s time to get ready to celebrate your kids birthday. Time for execution!

Send an invite: Send a beautiful invite to your guests along with party link. If you’re having a theme party then tell them to dress accordingly or choose a dress code.

Set up: Pick a place that has natural bright light or a place that has got good lighting. Make sure that background shouldn’t be brighter than your face. You can also choose a background of your choice on Zoom . No matter what you choose, make sure your kid finds it comfortable.

Celebrate: No party is perfect! You might face some last minute glitches or internet issues or meltdowns. But remember this is a time to appreciate and celebrate every single moment. It’s your kids special day and they will feel loved.

Let’s not forget that we are social animals and we love to celebrate life, occasions and relationships. Plan a virtual birthday party and make your loved one feel special and loved.

Lots of love!






Beach Resort Vacation : Packing guide for a long weekend

How is it going: 7 questions to ask in these strange times

Wassup! How is it going? 

My friends, it’s been a moment since I checked in and asked: “How is it going ( in these unprecedented times)?” I know it is one of those questions we answer without thinking. Like when we meet someone and are immediately greeted with, “Hi, How are you?” And we instinctively say,  ” I am fine. Thank you!” Even though we’re feeling miserable.

We never say what we are going through. It feels as if we are conditioned not to open up or share our struggles.

I am asking you again:

Hello Friends, How are you getting along?

I demand an honest, in-depth thoughtful answer. 

So here are some follow-up questions for you:

How’s your day been so far?

What are you reading currently?

What are the TV shows or movies you’d recommend?

What do you do when you start to feel down?

What’s been on your mind lately?

Is there anything that you thought you can’t live without but you didn’t miss it in your quarantined life?

What is your nickname/alter-ego?

It’s a different world we live in right now. And we all need different approaches to sail through this pandemic. With people out of work, small businesses suffering, and economies going into depression – we all have only one goal: survival. We all are facing an uncertain and unpredictable future but this is also an opportunity to emerge stronger, disciplined, and grateful. 

At times like this, instead of getting stuck into the spirals of “What-ifs”, be kind to yourself and connect with friends, family and acquaintances. Don’t let coronavirus dominate your conversations and stories. 

It doesn’t matter how you choose to start your interactions, but what matters  is that you genuinely ask questions that attract honest answers. One of the kindest thing “you can do is to not pretend that you’re fine and let others also open up to their success and struggles. In these times, there is no place for ingenuity. 

Now, let me answer the above questions.

How are you getting along?

I am trying to cope up with the new style of living, learning and leading.

How’s your day been so far?

It’s been a good day so far. I am writing this post after so many days and it’s bringing positivity around me. I guess I missed talking to you guys but I have had enough on my plate that I couldn’t give time to The Crazy List. It’s good to be back.

What are you reading currently?

I am currently reading The Spy by Paulo Coelho. I left it in the middle and now I am planning to finish all the books that I left in the middle for some reason or another.

What are the TV shows or movies you’d recommend?

I am currently watching Ozark on Netflix and I love it. Highly recommended!

What do you do when you start to feel down?


What’s been on your mind lately?

Color my hair. I can see some whites and I am too lazy to cover them. 

Is there anything that you thought you can’t live without but you didn’t miss it in your quarantined life?

Makeup. Shopping. Gazebo’s Chicken Biryani

What is your nickname/alter-ego?

Nyx ( Goddess of night / Daughter of Chaos)

If plan A doesn’t work…

Finally, I wanted to say how grateful I am that you’re here. I am waiting to read your answers to these questions. If you wish to beat the Monday blues, then click here.

We are in this together. Be responsible and be safe.

Sending so much love your way. 


Today is a good day…

Journal Writing Prompt: I remember…

Do you want to learn the most effective journal writing prompt?

Even during normal times, I love learning something new, but I find these days, the concept of online learning even more appealing. This is a perfect time to explore your creativity, learn new concepts, and reignite your passions. It’s not easy to run away from home-schooling/ household chores/ kid mania but stealing some time for yourself is worth it. Recently, in one of the learning sessions, I was introduced to an exercise that excited my senses. This is one of the best Journal Writing Prompt, I have come across. It’s called – I remember… 

The exercise is as follows:

  1. Start a new sentence with I remember…
  2. Find a calm place and get a Journal.
  3. Each memory should be a sentence or, two long at the most.
  4. Let your emotions flow and evoke some memory.

Today, I am going to do this exercise on The Crazy List as I love lists and this is the perfect list that can take me down the memory lane. This is the perfect journal writing prompt to start with journaling.

Unlock your mind with the writing prompt: I remember

I remember…

I remember the first time I got Archie comics as a gift from my father in Class 3. 

I remember borrowing The Famous Five and Nancy Drew from my friend, Shalvi.

I remember a sinking feeling while reading Oliver Twist in class 6th. I guess Oliver’s sufferings were too much for me.

I remember trying to understand the world of Miss Havisham in The Great Expectations. Fascinated!

I remember being one of the three witches in Macbeth play and I truly loved my acting.

I remember how my whole world changed after getting rid of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in Class XI

I remember the smell of samosas coming out of the school canteen.

I remember “To bait fish withal: if it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge.”

I remember studying Shakespeare’s plays with Dadi (grandmother). 

I remember wondering how she did English (Hons.) in the 1940s when every other girl used to take up Sanskrit or Hindi in post-graduation.

I remember reading “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov and was drenched with powerful writing.

I remember loving short stories more than classic novels.

I remember the smell of new books.

I remember locking myself in the guestroom and practice reading Macbeth’s Acts by reading aloud.

I remember tears in my eyes when I got 92 percent in English (Class XII – Boards)

I remember books, and bookshelves, and piles of books, and boxes of books. 

I remember so much more…

Okay…now this was totally unplanned. I ended up writing all the books that somehow shaped my childhood. This exercise made me realize that I love books and I should have chosen any language for my higher studies.

 I guess these are the memories that you carry forever, you just need to start unraveling your own RAM. 

And great writers and great stories never become irrelevant.

You can probably write your own, “I remember…”.  Set some limits or don’t but be honest to yourself while doing this exercise.

Next time, I am going to remember my firsts.

Do let me know what you feel about this journal writing prompt. Are you planning to write “I remember…” in your Journal?

Read some of the benefits of journaling here.

You can also read some of my favorite book quotes here.

Lots of love!


I remember…

15 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas for every kind of relationship

Keep things light and you’ll stay bright!

As much as we think that Valentine’s day is all about – chocolates, red roses, and love quotes – we forget that every relationship is unique. It’s a great time to express your feelings — and possibly impress them with your talent. 

I will admit, it took some time for me to realize this, but growing older has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. As time pass, I have realized how indigenous pleasures made my relationship beautiful than I could have ever imagined; the pleasure of short neighborhood walks, the pleasure of sharing one chocolate, the pleasure of playing a game of chess and the pleasure of being completely opposite to each other. 

“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”

― Marilyn Monroe

Couples who laugh together stay together. So forgo red roses and box of chocolates and instead get something exciting that you both can enjoy together. All of these ideas are affordable ways to spread love and make them feel special…even if it’s last-minute quick and easy Valentine’s Day gift.

For new relationships

If you are in a new relationship and not sure what to give, it’s always a good idea to give a cute card or watch a movie together. Or a gamer power bank that can keep him/her entertained whilst the phone is on a charge.

Typo Gamer Power Bank


For Best friends

Celebrate female friendships the day before the world becomes obsessed with lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day – Happy Galentine’s Day! You can exchange gifts like a hand-made card, inspiring feminist read or consider going for a spa.

“Ovaries before brovaries, you know?”

For Married with young kids

It’s always a good idea to present something to your better half to show how much you care – and you really don’t need to break a bank to do so. Forget flower deliveries; give them a fully grown air-purifying plant that will help you remove toxins and improve air quality like peace lily. A back massager to relax and rewind or a gift card as a customizable option. 


For long-distance relationships

If you think about it, as advanced as technology is these days, there’s no reason you can’t be together on Valentine’s Day. Have a dinner date on skype or send your love a care package or a playlist.

For a couple who doesn’t plan Valentine’s Day

Rather than stressing out about choosing the perfect gift and planning a special dinner date. You can go shopping together or include your kids in the celebration.

Your Valentine loves you for what you are.  So do not pretend to be someone else and treat them with things they truly love. Surprise and delight your loved ones with your creativity.

You can also read these 20 Rules of Love together and spend a memorable evening.

I hope you like this list and please share your unique style to enjoy Valentine’s Day.


Monday motivation kit: Nothing will come of nothing

I am going to tell you a little secret: Nothing will come of nothing.

Your single dose of Monday motivation.

Isn’t it a clever wordplay by Shakespeare. If we do nothing or make no efforts to achieve our goal, we cannot expect a favorable result for our endeavors. Sometimes we just need a push, especially for a Monday motivation. If you’re in a need of a little boost to encourage you, then you’re on the right page. 

Daily affirmations with some gratitude and positivity.


Your very own “Emergency care wall.”


Be Mindful


Get rid of Motivation Killers


Restart your relationship with yourself – Be Flawsome


Daily Brain Dump- Pull out from your mind, put it down on paper



 And Finally….remember this!



Do let me know what makes you grow? Rejection, Heartbreak, fear or challenge?

I am kicking off a series next week and would love to hear all your thoughts, ideas, strategies, experiences, etc.

Hope you got some Monday motivation.

Have a great Monday!


Don’t look for Monday motivation: Ultimate hacks to beat Monday blues

The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they’re not happy at work,” says Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work. “It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.”- Forbes

Time to say no to the popular hashtag Monday motivation. Use these hacks to beat Monday morning blues!

When Monday Morning rolls around, I tend to get a “little grumpy”, mostly because I’m not sure if I will ever survive waking up at 6 o’clock and look like Beyonce (that’s rare). But here’s the deal. We all face on Monday together and look for Monday motivation. We have to deal with Monday blues after an amazing Sunday or long weekend. But contrary to the belief, Monday can be the best day of the week too. Whether you go for work or you stay at home, there are ways to make your Mondays better. Here are some crazy ways and quotes to survive Monday:

1. Get enough sleep and wake up early

It may sound a little crazy but waking up early is the key to get awesome Monday. Don’t plan anything for Sunday evening, prepare yourself for Monday. Make a crazy list, put on your sleeping mask and get enough sleep. I usually wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning and start my day with a cup of coffee and a book.


2. Dress up

No matter what astrology says but for me Monday is the day to put on my favorite dress, hottest pair of shoes or makeup. When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good half of the battle on Monday morning is won. You become the magnet to attract positivity and charisma.  Having a little more “me time” can lift your mood.

3. Keep your Monday “To-do list” light

Monday is the most hectic day of the week at the office and home. The best strategy is to keep your Monday schedule light and include things that you enjoy doing. Instead of handling complicated and tiresome tasks on Monday, do some interesting work that you look forward to. Sometimes procrastination is not so bad.

4. Listen to your favorite song

Music and mood are best friends. Neuroscience says that listening to music can lower your stress level and anxiety. Make a playlist of songs you enjoy listening and groove to the music. “Someone like you” by Adele is my favorite.But I am sorry I have a girl crush on Beyonce!

5. Read some quotes. It’s a great day for Wisdom!

We all need a daily dose of wisdom and motivation. Quotes and sayings are the types of motivation that not only helps to kick-start your day, but it also pushes you to accomplish your task. So use the hashtag Monday motivation and get your dose.

Here are some of my favorite quotes for this Monday!


“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs — ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” – Lou Holtz

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own.” – Mark Victor Hansen

“Nothing in the world is ever completely wrong. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.” – Paulo Coelho

“Of course motivation is not permanent. But then, neither is bathing; but it is something you should do on a regular basis.” – Zig Ziglar

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”- Rob Siltanen

“You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals.” – Booker T. Washington

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.” – Oprah Winfrey

“Out of all the lies I’ve told, ‘Just Kidding!’ is my favorite.” – Anonymous

I hope you can survive your Monday with these hacks and quotes. Oh, I included some Giphs to get some “Awws”…Happy Monday!

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