6 Reasons to landscape your yard to invite some positive energy!


“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”— Marcus Tullius Cicero.

Your home is your castle, you can make it magical by adding color, warmth and some extra zing. What are you waiting for landscape your yard to bring some positivity!

Whether you live in an apartment or in a house, you need to figure out how you can use the space to integrate flora and fauna in your world. Whether you can conquer yourself or you need a professional to help you. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your front-yard fit for a king, you can use ceramic pots, vertical planters or ceiling planters to add some color. But is it worth it? Is it feasible to invest in landscaping?

Since I already have a small library, it’s time to indulge in some landscaping fun. You can read some of the most motivating quotes from my favorite books, here. Creating functional, beautiful landscape pays off in various ways and here are 6 reasons to invest in landscaping.

1. The Aesthetics

A well-landscaped yard is not only attractive but also adds a much-needed tranquility in the hectic city. It can add lots of color, dimension, and space to your front-yard or back-yard. It gives a fresh, clean and well-manicured look. It increases the curb-appeal of the property.

2. Increases Property Value

A beautiful home sets your property apart from the competition. Spending as little as 5 percent of your home’s value on landscaping may get you 20 percent to 150 percent increase in the value. Even though there is no magical algorithm but experts believe that outdoor space makes a significant difference in the property value. Professionals in Mississauga landscaping company can give you a quote and ideas to make your home an outdoor oasis.  It becomes the Unique Selling Proposition!

3. A place for family and friends to bond

A beautiful and well-maintained landscape, with seating areas and barbeque, is an attractive feature in any home. Outdoor living space gives family and friends a place to create memories. There are so many ways you can landscape your yard for family fun as they will want to spend more time outdoors.


4. It signals that you take care of your home

An attractive outdoor living space shows that you take care of your home and space. Shabby or unkempt outdoor space signals means that the homeowner takes less interest in fixing things and taking care of the house. Many people feel better going to a home that looks fresh and inviting on the outside.

5. Health Benefits

Maintaining and looking after a landscape is a great form of gentle physical and mental exercise. There is endless research that shows that green spaces improve health and make sure you are relaxed. A pleasant outdoor environment provides cleaner air and filter pollutants.

6. Environmental Benefits

It controls temperature extremes – stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter. The grass is much cooler than cement and it also plays a vital role in capturing dust, smoke, and other pollutants. The landscape can dramatically reduce noise pollution.


Is your house lacking the outdoor appeal? Do you want to read some easy DIYs to get some color and warmth in your living space? Comment below and let me know.


Lots of Love


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Royal Decks. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience


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  1. My house is also a small library. You have explained it well.. Especially taking care of home because I am unable to do it my maid takes care.

  2. I completely agree with this post! I can’t wait to have my own place so I can do up my garden! For me its such an important place to relax and entertain!

  3. This has just made me look at my yard pitifully. I am now sure it needs some extra care and some landscaping.

  4. I wish I had a garden thats one thing I miss having in my flat, i love your ideas and I agree if I had a garden I would make it visibly beautiful and add colour to allow positive vibes into it.

    Love Patrice Boothe x

  5. So very true about landscaping. Hopefully your fantastic tips will inspire others

  6. That was such a great list of reasons to landscape your yard. I love “Increases Property Value” part!

  7. I really should do this. My yard looks sad. I plan on hiring people at some point because I am awful with plants and such.

  8. I have just moved into a place which has a garden for the first time and it’s so exciting! I have always lived in apartments and even though I’ve had balconies it’s not quite the same! I love being outside in my garden, it’s so relaxing and really declutters the mind 🙂

  9. My mom had a green thumb, I cannot keep a cactus alive…

  10. We have literally just done this in a very small garden and I can not tell you what a difference it has made to the energy of our garden – it’s amazing!

  11. I completely agree with this….landscaping the yard and a bit of indoors adds up to the energy of the space and gives a lively feel

  12. I love this idea! Even though, I do not own a yard, I love to invite nature into my home with lots of house plants – they are my weakness. I can’t wait to spend this year redecorating my house to the style I love.

  13. beautiful pictures! I love sitting in my yard

  14. Oh this is so interesting! We’ve been doing a garden makeover and so I’ve been looking into this a lot more. Adding value to the home is great!

  15. One reason why I often go back to my parents’ is the garden! So big, beautiful and relaxing! And the perfect space for friends and family! i also love gardening and make it a beautiful space!

  16. My father loves gsrdenubg and he has made the front lawn looks more aesthetically pleasing by plabting variety of flowers

  17. I acknowledge the benefits of landscaping. In fact, I would have loved for our place to have some greenery. There was a time we had great landscaping, but overtime, we failed to take care of it. Unfortunately, we had to take down all of the greens and cemented the ground. I was sad but it was necessary. We couldn’t keep up with the maintenance and we have dogs that constantly pee.

  18. I agree. When i first moved in to my house, i spent a lot to make sure my garden is amazing. But sadly I don’t have a green thumb and the australian heat killed most of my flowers. My busy schedule also doesnt allow for gardening time so im trying to make it pretty with very low maintenance plants.

  19. Unfortunately, I do not have a yard – there are two small flower pots in my kitchen, that’s it. As a passionate traveller and travel blogger, I cannot afford either pets or plants…that’s the price for being on the road.

  20. I love taking care of my yard and landscape. It brings me so much peace ♡

  21. Those are more than enough reasons to convince you to think about fixing up your yard especially since it doesn’t only help the environment but your mental health as well. I think it’s really going to bring in the positive vibes in the house!

  22. This is exactly what I am doing to our small third floor garden in a commercial building. I want to build a home, a comfortable one, with plants and trees and flowers. I think it’s healthier for my daughters to grow up in — even if we live in the city.

  23. Blair Villanueva

    For me, having a green garden at your home gives a positive energy and good vibes to everyone. Plus, it is a beautiful sight every day 😀

  24. Totally agree! Too bad I live in a condo so no garden for me 🙁 Can’t wait until I have a house!

  25. Maintaining a yard is not easy at all! I remember I used to have a hard time, but then when with time I started developing interest for it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips!

  26. Thank you for inspirational text. We just finished refurbish our house and finally i have my library. Now we are doing works in the garden so hopefully soon I will be a very happy lady. I agree with your entry with all my heart

  27. Nice idea! There are times that I really wanted to sit and stare a landscape which invites good vibes and energy.

  28. I love libraries. In college, I spend all my break periods reading books. It’s also nice though to read a book outside in a well-landscaped garden.

  29. In midst of all the problems in our life we need something to free our minds. Thank you for sharing such positive tips.

  30. I have a friends brother who is landscape architect. I definitely know how much it improves the beauty and appeal of your home as well as the property value. I definitely could use some on my house.

  31. I definitely love the idea of landscaping your yard. It brings so much positive energy and takes you a liitle bit closer to nature 🙂

  32. I am in the process of getting my garden done and I can not wait for it to be finished, as I know i’ll be spending most of my time relaxing and reading there, throughout summer.

  33. ah I’m moving into a new apartment soon with a terrace and I can’t wait to beautify it with greens!

  34. I love gardening. Its one of my hobbies. Thank you for sharing your words and the love for nature

  35. I would absolutely love to landscape our yard into something beautiful. Maybe once we own a home I will.

  36. I definitely need to do better with our landscaping. We live on a main road, and all passersby can see it all! 🙂

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