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Think before you hit “ENTER”: Social Media Footprint and Online Identity

How active are you on Social Networking sites? Have you ever thought about your social media footprint? Choose carefully before you leave a digital footprint!

There are various jargons used in recruiting world: online identity, social media screening,  data mining or vetting process. But the bottom line is that every company rely on social media screening while hiring a suitable employee.

We are living in an era where our social media presence and digital footprint has become an integral part of our identity. We are scrutinized for what we say, how we look and what we post. We are represented by our Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, Linkedin accomplishments, and you’re definitely judged for these. Social media footprint has become the fourth pillar in the job search process. As it gives an overview of what you are outside the realms of resume, cover letter, interview. This means that companies look into your social media profiles to evaluate your character and personality and it has even become a part of the vetting process. This also means that number of people are being fired for their social media posts.



“Former AngelHack founder Gregory Gopman had been hired to lead Twitter’s new virtual reality team, but within 48 hours, he was fired. Why? A public Facebook post from two years ago where he denigrated the “lower part of society” in San Francisco, lambasting the city’s entire homeless population in an odd, aggressive tirade.
TechCrunch, who broke the story of Gopman’s old post, criticized Twitter for hiring him: “For a company with such an abuse problem from trolls, it might initially seem like a double win that they’ve hired Gopman, a ‘VR expert’ who’s also voiced his passion for dealing with ‘degenerates.’ That is until you realize that the ‘degenerates’ he’s referred to as a “burden and liability” were SF’s homeless population.”” – FAMA 

So if you are a job seeker, you must think 100 times before you post anything on your social media profile. Don’t post provocative or inappropriate photos, don’t bad-mouth previous employers, discriminatory comments related to race, gender, or belief.

7 Social Media Mistakes that may get you fired/ disqualify you for a job.

1)Making racist, sexist, or other offensive comments
2)Complaining about your job
3) Sharing confidential information
4) Derogatory or rude remarks towards past employers, colleagues or managers.
5) Posting inappropriate photos or images your being tagged in online
6)Questionable tweet, post or trolling comment
7)Violation of Social Media policies.

It is important to ensure all personal information remains private, change your passwords regularly and activate two-factor authentication. You can regularly Google your name and see what all comes up. You can also read on FAMA about how entry-level/millennial, mid-level employees and senior level executives are screened.

Every social media platform represents a different aspect of personalities. We are totally different on Twitter, formal on Linkedin and extremely casual on Facebook and Instagram but we need to be equally careful about what we post online.

Clearly, the pre-hire screening process is an integral part of the hiring process and the level of screening involved depends on the industry, demographics of the workforce and the organization’s core value system. There are pro and cons involved in everything but it shouldn’t violate the Laws and it shouldn’t be the end of the story. I strongly feel that the candidate must be given a chance to clarify.

What do you think about using Social Media screening in the hiring process? Do you think refusing to hire a candidate based on their private behavior unrelated to work is unfair?

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by FAMA.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.