Ever wonder how can you recharge your inner power bank with few changes in life? Are you one of those who are lost in the hustle and bustle of the city? How would you like to recharge your life that can help you clear out bad energy? Here is a list of 10 WAYS TO RECHARGE YOUR INNER POWER BANK.


1. Deep breathing

One of the best ways to recharge is to take some deep breath and relax. It is well known that getting more oxygen can not only reduce stress but also cure some serious health conditions. The most famous exercise is “THE BELLOWS BREATH” which boost in energy and alertness. It’s extremely easy and can be done anytime of the day. With your mouth closed, inhale and exhale quickly and evenly through your nose. Do it 3 times in a second and continue as long as you feel. Try this whenever you are felling stressed out or early in the morning.

2. Salt bath

A bath soak with Epsom salt is the cheap, easy and DIY method to detox your body at home on your own time. It is a stress relieving bath that draws impurities out of your body and relaxes your muscles. Light a candle, put some salt and essential oil in the hot water, some peaceful music and 20 minutes soak in the tub will charge your inner power bank.

3. Reach out

Reach out to your friend or someone close to you- preferably face to face or over the phone. Even video chat will do the wonder. Find a friend who brings smile to your face every time you interact. As they smile is infectious, why not get SMILE INFECTION from your friend.

4. Exercise

You don’t have to do a plethora of exercises to recharge your mind. Even a long walk or yoga or shoulder shrugs or few steps can make you feel happy and relaxed. Call Dr.Endorphins to come and tell your mind that you have to relax.


5. Tech break

In this ERA of technology, we are addicted to our laptops, iPad or smartphones. Obviously, it is difficult to isolate yourself from the technology but putting it aside for a while can do wonders to your mind. Take a break! Read a book, listen to a peaceful music or take a good long nap. Shutting the windows of information that constantly enters our mind will relax and help you regain your energy.

6. SPA Break

Hit the best spa in the town and get yourself pampered. SPA can be the best place to relax, recharge, reflect, detox and beautify. It can give you the much needed “ME” time and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Even if you don’t want to indulge into the long list of beauty treatments SPAs offer, go for a good body massage that improves your blood circulation and helps you to get recharged.

Relax & Rejuvenate

7. Drink some coffee

New research suggests “healthy caffeine habit could actually help you stay calm in some harrowing situation.” Quick recharge after a long day can be achieved by drinking a cup of coffee or even a smell of a freshly brewed coffee will relax you. According to Livestrong, “Caffeine is best known as a stimulating drug that helps you stay awake and focuses your brain if you need to concentrate on task.” But too much of caffeine can have an adverse effect on your health. KNOW YOUR LIMIT!


8. Natural oils

Natural oils deliver the benefit of healing properties from antibacterial defense to pain relief and emotional healing. It relieves stress and makes us feel better. Get a coconut oil hair massage or apply lavender oil on your forehead or smell chamomile oil which has a peaceful calming scent. Aromatherapy is very popular because our sense of smell triggers powerful emotional responses and application of essential oils penetrate rapidly to relieve stress.

Essential Oil

9. Be grateful

I read somewhere that a GRATITUDE JOURNAL can make your life beautiful. Keep a gratitude journal and update it frequently. It helps you remember all the good things in your life. Showing gratitude to people and complementing people is the easiest way to recharge your inner self. Remember a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

“Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world change instantly”- Tony Robbins


10. The crazy list

Last but not the least; make a crazy list of things that you wish to accomplish in future. It can be random, it can be weird or it can be obnoxious but it is what your heart wants you to accomplish. It is important to be constantly in touch with your brain and heart and do things that make you happy. ENJOY making lists, LISTEN to your heart and DO everything to accomplish it.

What is your favorite way to recharge yourself on a busy and stressed out day? What is one thing that you would like to include in this list?

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