Crazy List

Hello! I am Mayuri.


I am a busy mom and a perfectionist. There was a time when I had no time to enjoy either motherhood or perfection. Then I understood that life is nothing but a big management school. You need a list of task s to accomplish , few life hacks and lots of motivation. So let me start with few questions about myself.

Who I Live with: My husband, Mohit, and my little girl, Mireya. Yeah, three musketeers!

What I do with my time: Play with my girl, organize and make lists so that I can spend more time with my hubby and chubby.

Where I live: Dubai, where impossible is nothing! It’s a perfect city to enjoy all seasons even though you can easily get roasted in summers.

What is my passion: Apart from making lists and strictly following it,I love make up, you can easily call me a Make Up addict. I believe beauty doesn’t require make up but an empty canvas does require some colors to make a masterpiece.

What I hate the most: Pessimists and their negativity

What is this Blog about: This blog is for all busy bees in the world who are busy enough to take care of small things in life.

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Remember no one is busy in this world , it’s all about priorities!