7 Golden Rules For Hosting Indian Dinner Party With A Sample Menu

Indian Dinner Parties

The first unwritten rule for hosting Indian dinner party: Serve Good Indian Food.

Discover the essential rules for hosting Indian dinner party, from planning to entertainment. Plus, get inspired with a sample menu featuring delicious and authentic Indian dishes to impress your guests.

As I sit down to recount the dinner parties I’ve hosted and attended as a guest over the years, I’m flooded with memories of laughter, clinking glasses, and the delightful aroma of home-cooked meals filling the air. Hosting a dinner party isn’t just providing food and drinks, it’s about creating an atmosphere where guests feel welcomed and memories are created. As a host, it could be stressful if there’s no proper planning involved. Through trial and error, I’ve learned a few essential rules that helped me reduce stress, enjoy being a host, and have guests eager to return. So, let me share with you 7 Golden Rules For Hosting Indian Dinner Party:

#1 Plan Ahead, but stay flexible

I have a cousin known for her exceptional party-hosting skills. Guests eagerly anticipate attending her gatherings, as it promises delicious food, entertainment, and impeccable table settings. Intrigued by her success, I asked her for the secret to throwing such memorable events. Her response was succinct yet profound: “The key lies in meticulous planning.” 

It’s important to plan everything in detail – menu, seating, and entertainment arrangement.  However, no matter how well you plan, unexpected hiccups are bound to happen. In such moments, the ability to adapt and stay calm is paramount. To get started check out – Diwali Party Guide: Ideas, Recipes & Decor

#2 Menu Planning – Work Smarter, Not Harder

That may seem obvious, but so many hosts end up making complicated recipes that can be challenging. We all want to impress our guests with our culinary skills  – you can surely do that. You can create a menu that includes appetizers or snacks that are not complicated and time-consuming. For the main course – you can showcase your cooking skills and include recipes that you’ve tried before. It would be easier for you and you’ll be excited too. Offer a variety of dishes, representing different regions and flavors of India, to cater to diverse palates.

Before planning the menu, inquire about any dietary restrictions and plan accordingly. And if you’re unsure about certain dietary requirements, don’t hesitate to ask your guests for clarification. They’ll appreciate your effort to ensure everyone can enjoy the meal without worry. You can check some Indian dinner party menus – here.

Indian Dinner Menu


#3 Create an Inviting Atmosphere

The ambiance sets the tone for the entire evening. From soft lighting and background music to fresh marigold flowers and tasteful decor, every element creates an inviting atmosphere. Pay attention to the seating arrangements, ensuring that guests can comfortably converse with one another. And don’t forget the power of a warm welcome – greet each guest with a genuine smile and make them feel at home from the moment they arrive. Don’t forget you are hosting Indian dinner party so be ready with a Bollywood music playlist to take your party to the next level.



#4 Smart Hosts – Do Not Rush Things

As the host, your primary role is to ensure that your guests feel comfortable and attended to throughout the evening. Take your time to engage with guests, there’s no need to rush – you can serve at your own pace. Most of the time, hosts get anxious while serving guests as they have so many things going on in their minds. Relax and enjoy the evening! This can happen only when you are ready 30 minutes before the guests arrive. 


#5 Don’t Forget the Drinks

No dinner party is complete without a selection of beverages to quench your guests’ thirst. You can offer a variety of options from alcoholic to non-alcoholic choices – from whiskey on the rocks to refreshing mocktails, you have endless options. 

And don’t forget to keep the drinks flowing throughout the evening to keep the party spirit alive!

Drink partyPhoto by Arthur Chauvineau on Unsplash


#6 Encourage Conversation (and Laughter)

A great dinner party is not only about food and drinks, it’s about coming together and having a lively and fun time. Play icebreaker games or become a conversation starter to get the ball rolling. And remember, avoid conversations that can lead to conflict or serious conversations like political commentary. The host sets the tone!


#7 Don’t do dishes in front of the guests

While hosting a party, resist the temptation to do dishes and cleaning in front of the guests. While it may seem that it can reduce your workload later, it can inadvertently shift the focus on enjoying each other’s company. Instead, I would suggest using biodegradable tableware and placing a discreet trash bag nearby for guests to dispose of any waste, ensuring that tidying up is a breeze once the party is over. This gives everyone a chance to unwind and prolongs the enjoyment of the evening.

Disposable plates


So there you have it, my friends – my seven rules for hosting Indian dinner party. Remember, the most important thing is to relax, have fun, and cherish the moments spent with loved ones. Cheers to many more memorable gatherings in the future!

Hope you keep these rules in mind while hosting Indian dinner party!

Lots of Love,


Hosting Indian Dinner Party


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