Monthly Favorite Beauty Products for July and August

Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighter Palette

Hello and welcome to my monthly favorites of July and August. I can’t believe that we are just a few months away to celebrate New Year. As often happens, August was a hectic month for me: most of my favorite people in the world are August born, keeping track of Instagram giveaway and (the worst) my handy-helper (maid) is on leave. Also, I had a chance to indulge in some awesome beauty products to make myself ready for the festive season ahead. Now, without any further delay let’s jump into what made it into my favorite beauty products for the month of July & August.

July & Favorite Monthly Favorites

 Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighter Palette

I’ve become addicted to Huda’s product lately. When I came to know that Huda is launching the limited-edition 3D highlighter palette, I knew I was going to buy it. Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighter palette features four shades – Saint Tropez (creamy texture with intense metallic glow), Malibu (bronze with subtle coppery undertones), Copacabana (duo-chrome pink) and Mykonos (holographic purple-lilac ). All four sculpting and highlighting shades can give you a perfect 3D highlight but just applying a little on the inner corner of your eyes or high points of your cheeks can complete your look. Get the sunset-inspired makeup looks.

Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Highlighter Palette

Have you checked my first ever International Giveaway on Instagram? Follow me and tag to win this limited-edition palette here.

Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Liquid Matte Lipstick- Mamacita

Mamacita is a perfect coral to give you that punch of holiday and summertime look. It is a dream color for medium to dark skin tones. The formula of this lip color is the same as original Huda beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick.

Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick- Mamacita


 Huda Beauty Lip Strobe – Snobby

Hello, shimmer and shine! I must confess I hate sticky, goopy and running lip gloss. This lip strobe is a semi-sheer pink shade with gold and pink big shimmers. It comes with a heart shaped wand which glides on for like a dream. I love to layer it with my favorite lip shades or wear it all alone. Next, I am going to try it on my lid. What say?!

Too Faced Born This Way liquid foundation

 I have read so many mixed reviews for this foundation and I didn’t want to buy it. But then I tried it in Sephora and within few minutes, I fell in love with this foundation. I got my perfect shade without any fuss, it gave me luminous look and it stayed put for 3 hours without setting spray. I haven’t used it for more than thrice so I am not going to give you my final verdict.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Marc Jacob Beauty Highliner Gel Crayon

I got a half size deluxe sample from Sephora with my online purchase. This liner is aaaahhhhhmazzing! I wouldn’t even think twice before purchasing the full size of this. I have been using Maybelline master drama gel liner but it smudges very easily. These crayons set quickly and don’t smudge. It is opaque, creamy, and long-lasting but the best thing about this product is – you don’t need a sharpener!

 Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Sample! Another sample in my favorites. This mascara is a holy grail and I love the formula and fine bristles in the wand. This definitely makes my eyes look big and open. Big, bold lashes that have amazing volume and stay forever, Lashes don’t lie…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

This is a veteran in my makeup collection. I keep coming back to this baby for precision, stay, and ease of use.  Just “fill in the blanks” and you are good to go. Who likes dragon brows!

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

I have been using Tony Moly and Skinfood sheet masks and this is a new addition in the family. I found it in Carrefour and put it in my cart. This sheet mask is loaded with serum, it is enough to cover your neck and chest too. These masks are fun to use, instantly refreshing and on a budget. I used it for pre-party prep or as a post-party skin savior, this mask is a perfect for an instant revival of the skin.

Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask

L’oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash

Love Love Love this gel wash! It is so gentle on my skin that it leaves it refreshed and radiant. This gel wash is a combination of three pure clays with the magnetic properties of charcoal to deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin. I would recommend it to use a good moisturizer after using this face wash.

L’oreal Pure Clay Charcoal Detoxifying Gel Wash

That’s all! Have you tried any of these products? Please share your views. I’d love to hear what were your favorites last month.

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Lots of love!


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  1. I would love to own all these products and look so great all the damn time! haha. I am currently freshly showered with nothing on my face! I need a reason to get dressed up and not stay home and work all day haha

  2. Very nice ideas!! I love the ony Moly and Skinfood sheet masks. I think it’s easy and refreashing

  3. I cant believe July is over and its septemeber already. Its flown hasnt it. Some great reviews ans products. I am always up to trying new products although my skin is fussy. I love Garnier products so the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask sounds a must. Look forward to this months post of products

  4. Ohh when I see all these products it just hit me that I need to take care better about my outer beauty! Ever since I got my daughter I kind of go all natural!

  5. Oh no I think I was too late for the Instagram giveaway but I have to say that solstice highlighter was gorgeous. Do you know if it cruelty free x

  6. I wish they sold Huda products here in the UK. I’d love to go and try them out and swatch them all before buying!

    1. That would be awesome if they sold it in the UK. I would buy the beautiful highlighters for sure I need some more!

      1. I hope Sephora starts selling Huda Beauty in U.K too 🙂

  7. I’ve been struggling with dry skin, possibly because of the weather, and decided to go back to using facial masks, I don’t know why I stopped doing it, really, need to take better care of myself.

  8. How fun! I would love to get more adventurous. I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to makeup so I just stick with what I know!!

  9. Such an enjoyable read, I love reading monthly faves. I especially want to try that Garnier Hydra Bomb mask!

  10. I like L’oreal and Garnier. I own only a handful of beauty products. One because I don’t know how to use most beauty products and two, because I’m just lazy when it comes to this stuff, LOL.

  11. Awesome reviews!! I was looking for some advice on the Too Faced Born This Way liquid foundation and I loved your thoughts! Will keep up reading more posts to now your final verdict! 😀

  12. My daughter and I tried the Garnier tissue masks. She loves them and wants to try some of the others.

  13. These look like some nice products.

  14. I was just shopping and came across these face masks from Garnier. I didn’t get them because I didn’t know how they’d work and my skin is super sensitive. Definitely getting them next time 😉

  15. I absolutely love the formulation of the Huda Beauty matte liquid lippies, and that shade is to die for! I’m so sad that the coral color didn’t make it to Sephora! I’m obsessed with that color.

    Mary |

  16. Between water walking at the pool and the garden, my skin is in need of some TLC. I’d especially love to try the face masks. They’re one of my favorite ways to pamper myself. x

  17. I have tried the Garnier tissue masks and L’Oreal clay detoxifying gel. They are wonderful products to get nice, glowing skin. I want to try the liquid matte lipstick. Looks fabulous too.

  18. Would love to see the lip color than jus the box 🙁 I am obsessed with lip colors.

  19. I’ve been meaning to try Huda Beauty Lip Strobe and I am looking for honest reviews so I could see if it will be worth it to buy one. Does it last long? sticky? transfer proof?

    1. It is not sticky but it is transfer proof. It is not like a regular lip gloss…I am sure you will enjoy using it!

  20. I’ve been on a major hunt for mascara. I have put this one on my list. I have a hard time finding ones that don;t make my eyes itch.

  21. I’m super jealous of your Huda palette. It really is gorgeous. The Garnier sheet masks are amazing aren’t they. So easy to use and no mess too!

    1. So true! Thanks 🙂

  22. Love the BORN THIS WAY fondation name xD Need to try it, will think of Lady Gaga everytime I will be using it. I need to make more face masks…

    1. Hahahah…Yes, Born this way. Thanks 🙂

  23. I’ve been in the market for a new cleanser, and I found this new L’Oreal cleansing gel. The charcoal cleanser works very well to draw out impurities, and I like its creamy, gel type texture. Best of all it’s super gentle on the skin too!

    1. I love this cleanser too! Thanks 🙂

  24. I’ve tried the Born this Way foundation but I wasn’t the biggest fan. The shade I tried matched well but it didn’t have enough staying power for me. I like foundations that stay put all day. That Huda palette is soooo pretty! I need to try it.

    1. After using for a while, I also agree with you. Using a good primer and setting spray is a must if you want to enjoy this foundation. Thanks 🙂

  25. Loved all your favorite beauty collections. I will try those Garnier sheet mask as they are easy to use and can be done while travelling also.

    1. Yes! These masks are awesome for travel lovers like you. It will neither take much space nor it is messy to use. Thanks 🙂

  26. These look like great products. I will have to give them a try for sure!

  27. Above all, my fav is Huda Beauty Products <3 I am crazy for her tutorials too

    1. I love Huda Beauty and her YouTube videos too. Thanks 🙂

  28. I love the garnier sheet masks they’re so hydrating and the too faced foundation is on my list to try once I’ve used up some in my collection x

  29. All of these things look really good, it’s a shame I haven’t tried anything from your favorites list. I was actually really intrigued about those face masks by Garnier but then I have 2 boxes of Japanese face masks coming from Japan; hence, I have controlled the desire for now. I was looking forward to winning that palette by Hudabeauty but I couldn’t win it. 😐

    1. Thanks for participating in the giveaway! I am sorry you couldn’t win it but I would suggest getting hold of this palette whenever you get an opportunity…you will love it! Thanks 🙂

  30. I love to give the charcoal detoxifying cleanser a try. I’m usually not too particular about skincare products but I benefits of charcoal.

    1. I love that cleanser but make sure you follow up with a good moisturizer. Thanks 🙂

  31. I’m in love with that lip color. I need to try that brand, I hate smudgy lip colors too, need to try this.

    1. Thanks…I am sure you will love it 🙂

  32. Lots of girls thing. My sister would love to see this. She might have some of these products. I think she had that charcoal detoxifying cleanser.

  33. I love Huda Beauty products! Great choices 🙂

  34. I’m currently in the market for a new face mask. Garnier’s hydra bomb sounds really interesting and cute! I may try it if it works for sensitive skin.

  35. I love lists like this, and being introduced to new products! There are so many on this list I want to try. First up just may be that Born This Way foundation. It looks great.

    1. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the list!

  36. My favorite product in your list is the Hydra Bomb! I also like how you use those Shopkins figures to spruce up the photo 🙂

    1. Oh! My house is filled with shopkins and credit goes to my daughter. I just used them in my pic…love Hydra bomb 😉

  37. Huda always does great makeup! A friend of mine is just obsessed with that brand! Too Faced as well is always a win! This is a great list you have here!

    1. I am not ashamed to say I have also become obsessed with Huda beauty products…great quality and product!

  38. I actually just tried a few of these! Those Hydra-bombs are, the bomb! haha! I love them!

    1. Yes…Hydra bomb is actually a bomb! Love that mask 😉

  39. Looks like a great selection of nice products! I need to go to the shop soon and I’ll keep those in mind.

  40. The garnier hydra bomb has caught my fancy. Will give it a look.

  41. I’m not that knowledgeable when it comes to make up but I am aslo very in love with thar benefit mascara! It makes my thin lashes look more full! I just love it!

    1. Wow! I am also obsessed with that mascara 🙂

  42. What some great sounding products, I’m sure I have the hyrda bomb somewhere around I really must dig it out and give it a try after reading this.

    1. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the list! 🙂

  43. I haven’t tried any of these products before, but I would! I’d try that hydra bomb!

    1. Hydra bomb is awesome and I consider it as a must try…you will love it!

  44. I’m a huge fan of all things Benefit! I’ve received a sample sized mascara too and I loved it.

    1. I am a Benefit fan now…Thanks 🙂

  45. I like your favorite picks. I heard a lot of good things about HUDA products and I’m intrigued to try the highlighter palette. So pretty colors

    1. Thanks…I am glad you liked the list! Huda Beauty highlighter is the best highlighter palette I have ever used 🙂

  46. I haven’t actually tried any of these products but I would love to check them out. They look and like something I would love.

    1. Try one of these products…I am sure you will love them too 🙂

  47. I love Too Faced products! Really interested in trying the Garnier Tissue mask! Sounds fun!

    1. Garnier Tissue mask is a must try! 🙂

  48. I will have to add a few of these products to my list to pick up. The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask is amazing.

    1. I think it’s a must try! 🙂

  49. I love all these products. I would love to try them asap. Thanks for sharing.

  50. I am loving the Huda Beauty Summer Solstice Liquid Matte Lipstick- Mamacita, such a beautiful colour! And I love clay masks, they always make my skin feel amazing.

  51. Showcased such amazing products. Thank you so much. Loved the lip colour and the shade. Will try it out

    1. Thanks…I am glad you liked the list!

  52. I’ve never heard of Huda before! Sounds like I have a new brand to try!

    1. Huda is one of the biggest Instagram influencers and she started her own brand. Check her Instagram, I am sure you will love her instantly 🙂

  53. That Garnier tissue mask looks nice. Those are always fun to use for a nice clean, fresh face.

    1. Garnier tissue mask is really good and there is enough product in it to even cover your neck. Thanks 🙂

  54. You have some fab looking monthly faves for July and August! I’ve not tried any of them before so I may just have to go and do a spot of shopping …

    Louise x

    1. Thanks…I am glad that you enjoyed the list! 🙂

  55. Garnier products I have heard good things about as well as Loreal products. I don’t use them but I will have to let my daughter know about these.

    1. Thanks…I am sure your daughter will enjoy using these. 🙂

  56. What a lovely collection of beauty products. I’d love to try the Hydro Mask and the Born This Way make-up. There are so many great things here on this page!

    1. Thanks…I am glad you liked the list!

  57. Huda has an amazing range of products. Unfortunately we don’t get them in India. I’m going to buy these amazing products whenever I’m Dubai or where I’m able to locate them. Great post.

    1. Huda should start selling her products in India, my friends are missing some awesome products. I hope you get it online or when you visit Dubai 🙂

  58. These looks pretty great, will have to add them to my list to try. Nice write up

    1. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post!

  59. These are some great finds but amazing brands! How fun!

    1. Thanks…I am glad you enjoyed the list! 🙂

  60. I can’t believe it’s September either! This year just feels like it’s flying by. I’ve tried that Born This Way foundation and I loved the shade and the way it blended but unfortunately, it just didn’t last long enough on my skin.

    1. I have faced the same problem with the foundation so I always make sure to wear a primer underneath it. 🙂

  61. Garnier and Loreal are really a great products. And this other products looks great too. I should try them.

    1. Thanks…I am glad you like it! 🙂

  62. I loved this lists. great products to try. Loved to try the summer edition of matte lipstick

    1. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the list!

  63. I’ve been wanting to try the L’Oréal Mask and Garnier Sheet Mask, they seem to be really great products.

    1. I am sure it will not disappoint you. Thanks 🙂

  64. The shades in the Solstice Highlighter Palette look beautiful. I really want to try the matte lipstick.

    1. I love Huda Beauty Liquid matte lipsticks. It has got the best matte formula as you will never experience dryness on your lips. Thanks 🙂

  65. the highlighter palette’s colors seem so fun. Of the products offered this is the one I yearn for.

    1. This palette is gorgeous! I can call it the best highlighting palette ever used. 🙂

  66. I am a big fab of Benefits mascara, you can never go wrong with there products.

    1. I got the sample of Benefit mascara and now I am buying a full size of it. I absolutely love it 🙂

  67. So many wonderful new products to try out! I’m terrible in that I don’t use anything on my skin, just water to wash. Still, I look 15 years younger than I am though. 🙂

    1. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! 🙂

  68. Those are some must have products. I have the brow wiz and I LOVE IT!!

    1. Brow wiz is a winner! Thanks 🙂

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