7 Most popular beauty vloggers on YouTube 2016

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I have a very beautiful relationship with makeup and its application. Perhaps I am a self-professed, self-admired and self-taught makeup artist. From one shade of foundation to more than 25 shades of foundation for every skin tone is a long journey. Contouring, strobing and baking are not a beauty jargon any more. Makeup is still considered as a mask but these beauty vloggers proved that makeup is an art, passion and expression. But I have a love-hate relationship with YouTube beauty channels. I love watching YouTube videos as I have learned a lot of my makeup skills and discovered some great products. And I hate it as sometimes it makes you feel as though you can do heart surgery looking at YouTube videos!

Here are 7 beauty gurus on YouTube you should follow to get a dose of beauty with a charm.

Jaclyn Hill

I  found Jaclyn Hill’s video by mistake but her connect with the audience won me over. She is one of the most influential YouTube vlogger with over 3 million YouTube subscribers and 2.6 million Instagram followers. Her collaboration with Becca was unapologetically popular – “Champagne Pop” highlighter had a record breaking sales on the day it was launched.

Kandee Johnson

I love Kandee Johnson! She is a great makeup artist and a YouTube star. She can make her look like anyone. And her latest Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton transformation is by far the best thing I have ever watched. Satisfaction to the core!

Wayne Goss

If you get lost in the dark makeup alleys, then follow this YouTube star. Wayne Goss is fresh like a breeze in the world of affiliates, collaboration and endorsement. He is unabashedly honest in his reviews and has some of the best makeup tutorials. Love him or Hate him but he is a YouTube star you can’t avoid.

Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan is a beauty giant and Middle East’s most revered makeup artist. She is a vlogger, makeup artist, and boasts of being one of the top beauty influencer on Instagram with 15.4 million followers. She has her own powerhouse of makeup line, Huda Beauty, with fluttery false lash strips and Lip contour pencils being the flagship of the brand.

Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge is a legend and watching her YouTube tutorials is like attending a Makeup masterclass. She has a beautiful British accent and I find it so attractive. “I approach make-up with the philosophy ‘wear what you like, when you like.’ There are no rules – if you want to wear red lipstick every day because it makes you feel good, do it!” – Lisa

Nikkie Tutorials

Anyone who follows Nikkie Tutorials knows that she is the one who made Nivea Post Shave balm famous as a primer. She is hugely popular, since 2008, now having a cool collaboration with Too Faced. She effortlessly brings out her adorable personality and makeup skills on videos.

Farah Dhukai

Do you want to try a natural skincare DIY then follow Farah Dhukai, queen of DIYs. From getting flawless skin to healthy hair, Farah has got a remedy. She and her husband created Farsali rose elixir as a solution to most of her skin concern. And everyone on Instagram is obsessing over it.


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  1. Great list 🙂 I havent heard of Farah Dhukai, will have to check out her channel.

    1. CHeck her out on Instagram too; Farah Dhukai is a undoubtedly queen of DIYs. Thanks,I am glad that you liked the post.

  2. Great post, I’ll have to check some of them out! xx

    1. I am sure you will love these YouTube stars, they are too good in their craft.

  3. I love this list 🙂 So many amazing youtubers 🙂

    1. Thank you…I am glad you liked the post!

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