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Essential Beauty Hacks Every Busy Woman Should Know

Let’s be honest – we all are very busy whether we work full-time, stay-at-home with our kiddos or work from home. There is the paucity of time to look like a queen every single day. What if I tell you that there are five essential beauty hacks that can transform your life? Yes, you read it right…just five!

This is a guest post written by Amy Mia Goldsmith.

Women are wonderful, busy creatures who can do a million things at once, but when we wake up in the morning, the first thing on our mind is usually “five more minutes”. Nobody likes to rush and have a hectic morning routine, and you might even prefer to go completely makeup-free – and that’s all perfectly fine! But in you don’t want to spend the morning conversation with the cute guy in the coffee shop just worrying about how low your dark circles are reaching – here are an essential beauty hacks every busy woman should know.

1. Get in a routine

There is nothing worse than scrambling around every morning trying to put yourself together and look presentable. And why would you ever do that, when you can simply structure a morning routine that ensures you have enough time for the morning cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast, and the perfect outfit+makeup+hair combo. Wake up earlier if you need to and follow the same routine every morning. It will become your second nature in no time!

2. Have a go-to everyday look

There is a look that suits every person, and that goes for your whole head-to-toe. If you like smokey eyes, then always have the right palette and a clean brush to do it in minutes. And if you feel like a boss in pants and shirt combo, then stock up on those staples and always have a pair ready to throw on. The same goes for hairstyles, shoes and even things such as breakfast! This means that in busy moments, you don’t have to waste time choosing what to go for because you have your everyday look down to the T.

3. Have an emergency bag

There are millions of things that can go wrong in a day, but I like to make sure that my face is not one of them. An emergency makeup kit is the one thing that is always in my bag, and there is really no excuse not to have one. My Jane Iredale makeup kit is always in my bag, so I have a little bit of everything to touch up with, as well as my spare go-to lipstick shade and oil blotting sheets. Even if I am running super-late I can do my makeup in the car on my way there or in the bathroom when I arrive.

4. Fake it ’till you make it

We might be powerful women with a lot of superpowers, but time manipulation isn’t one of them, and there are some days when you just can’t get it done. Don’t stress, that’s what dry shampoo is there for. Opt for a CC cream, rather than heavy foundation since it takes a lot less time to apply and blend in, and put on a simple cat eye with a red lip to make you look put together and professional. A top bun is a great way to deal with dirty hair, and if your clothes have wrinkles – crunch it even more and rock the look.

5. Master the day-to-night

If there’s one thing I most definitely don’t have time for it’s to completely change my look after work to go out. But there are so many makeup looks and outfits that are easy to transition from day to night, that you will look like you spent hours getting ready when really you just stepped out of the office. It’s perfect for long work days and early dinner dates.

By mastering just these few tricks, you will find that it’s more than easy to look dolled up, no matter how little time you have on your hands. So rock your look and go show everyone who’s the boss.

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie blogger in love with fashion,  beauty, and style. Her mission is to inform the world of all the things she loves and enjoys.  You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

What are your essential beauty hacks? How do you manage to look awesome every single day?

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