Huda Beauty New Matte Power Bullet Lipstick - El Cinco De Mayo 

Huda Beauty New Matte Power Bullet Lipstick – Brown girl approved?

Huda Beauty New Matte Power Bullet Lipstick – El Cinco De Mayo is redder than your lipstick!

Is it brown girl approved red?

Raise your hand if you agree – Red lipstick is always the correct choice!

Hello, my lovelies! One of my favorite quotes is -” Life is a test. It is only a test. Had this been a real-life you would have been instructed where to go and what to do.” Since we do not come with an instruction manual, I feel we should try everything under the sun. And that’s why I feel red lipstick is always a correct choice and it’s one color that every girl should try. 

I have tried many red lip colors from warm-toned to cool-toned red. If you like it – you – like – it. 

Now, I am sure you are also aware that I like Huda Beauty products. This brand has never disappointed me when it comes to makeup. I haven’t tried Huda’s skincare brand so I can’t comment on it. I tried Huda Beauty New Matte Power Bullet Lipstick – El Cino De Mayo on several occasions.

At first, I didn’t like the application of the lipstick as it doesn’t glide the way you expect a lipstick to glide on. But after the second and third applications, I started liking the formula. It gives a velvety finish – the power punch.

I always my lips with lip liner and then apply the lipstick. This makes the application easier and mess-free. If you want to get a glossy look then you can apply a gloss over your lipstick. It brings out a beautiful glossy look. 

Overall, I liked this lipstick as it looks gorgeous on me. I contour my lips with a darker shade and fill my lips with Huda Beauty Power Bullet lipstick.

 Huda Beauty New Matte Power Bullet Lipstick – El Cinco De Mayo 

A warm-toned powerful sunny red gives a beautiful payoff and it is hydrating at the same time. It is a perfect Christmas red lipstick that will compliment any skin tone. It is a highly pigmented lip color that comes in beautiful square-shaped packaging with a diamond-shaped tip.


What did I like about Huda Beauty New Matte Power Bullet Lipstick?

1. It’s highly pigmented and has got a beautiful payoff on the lips.

2. It’s hydrating. Matte lip colors can be a little annoying.

3. It comes in gorgeous packaging – squared shaped bullet with a diamond-shaped tip.

4. It has a very lightweight feel that I absolutely love.

5. It gives a velvety finish – that makes it a perfect matte lipstick in my collection. It doesn’t look very dry and streaky on its application.

What I don’t like about Huda Beauty New Matte Power Bullet Lipstick?

1. It’s not transfer-proof so you’ll get those beautiful lipstick marks on your clothes and glasses.

2. It lasts only for 4-6 hrs. This isn’t a problem for me as I don’t go out for more than 6 hours but I hate retouching my lip color.

3. There isn’t much product in the lipstick. When I twisted the lipstick, I was amused to see how small it is. It’s like paying for a mini version of the lipstick at a price of full-sized.


Always exfoliate your lips before applying this lipstick. You don’t want to expose dry flaky lips while wearing a beautiful red color. Also, it gives a long-lasting smooth application.

And no – I am not talking about brushing your lips violently. You can DIY a lip exfoliator or get a product for a smoother and healthier pout.

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Let me know your thoughts about this review. 

Lots of Love