Sephora Shopping Challenge

15 min Sephora Shopping Challenge

Last week, when we went out for grocery shopping at the mall, I sneaked into Sephora for a quick update on the lip color I was tempted to buy. My husband, like most of the men, frowned and gave me only 10 mins to inquire. Imagine going on a pilgrimage and you get only 10mins inside the sacred place. Nevertheless, I took only 10mins and I was disappointed to know that lip color was still “Out of stock”.

“Are you crazy?”,he shouted at me. ” I am not accepting any challenge.” I knew this will be his reaction after I spelled out the rules of the challenge. Honestly, I gave this challenge after I read an article on and wanted to see his shopping talent. I also wanted him to witness how difficult it is to select beauty products in just 10mins.

CHALLENGE: Shop at Sephora without any help.

a) He is not allowed to take any help from any sales person.
b) He has only 15mins to shop at Sephora.
c) He is not allowed to buy men grooming products and perfumes.
d) He has to buy at least 5 products.

It is not that he has never shopped at Sephora alone. But every gift he bought from Sephora was selected by sales lady. I am not complaining though. Clearly, he wasn’t interested in the challenge but the reward to complete the challenge made the difference.

REWARD: I will quit Nutella for 3 months with immediate effect.

When he entered Sephora, he was really confused with the layout of the store. Crowded with brands, products, sales people and customers. It was a busy day. It took him few seconds to deduce that he has limited time and he has to pick up 5 products for me. In a perfect world, it’s the easiest challenge to win. But, since, I am married to a banker who takes every task seriously, this challenge turned out to be a surprise.

He came out of the stores with a smile after 15 mins with a Sephora bag.MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I asked him why did he buy so many face masks and only one lip color. His answer was the perfect thing I got along with some super hero face masks.

“There is no need to mask your skin imperfections with the layer of products. You have got beautiful skin and I thought it would be better that you treat yourself with great face masks.” He finally told me that it is difficult to shop within 15 minutes in Sephora and next time I can take my own time.

Here are 7 products he bought for me:

1- Glam Glow Youthmud ( hydrating treatment)

2-Glam Glow Super Mud clearing  treatment

3- Glam Glow Powermud Dual cleanse treatment

4- Oleva + Oxygen Activating Renewal Black Mask

5- Kat Von D Duo Lip Vixen

6- Sephora Face Mask pearl

7- Sephora Rose Lip mask

And I quit Nutella for 3 months and turn on my healthy eating habits.