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Think before you hit “ENTER”: Social Media Footprint and Online Identity

Social Media

How active are you on Social Networking sites? Have you ever thought about your social media footprint? Choose carefully before you leave a digital footprint! …

Parenting Hacks - Failure is the secress of success

8 Parenting hacks to teach your children- failure is the secret to success

“Parents are a really critical force in child development when you think about how motivation and mindsets develop,” says Kyla Haimovitz, a professor of psychology at …

True North

18 Travel quotes to help you discover your True North

Do you know which way is your True North? Have you ever tried to connect with your internal compass? What is your fixed point in …

Winning The Liebster Award!

Yay, I have been nominated for Liebster Award! I have been nominated for this award by Sunburnt Aloe. She is a lifestyle blogger and writes …

11 Awesome Quotes to make you Flawsome Instantly!

Flawsome: that I understand is the new word in my lexicon. I am starting to believe that we all have flaws that some are visible …


15 Powerful quotes from women who defined Feminism


15 Quotes to inspire you to never give up and the Lego story

8 reviews of the first iPhone 10 years ago

Before Apple, phone was just a phone. It looked like a small device with plastic keyboard at the bottom. A phone without a button was …

15 Inspiring Muhammad Ali Quotes to kick-start your life

Call him whatever you want to call but Muhammad Ali is THE GREATEST HUMANS of the 20th century. I come from a country where the only …

Magical quotes

11 Magical quotes from the mystical world of Harry Potter series