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7 Moving tips and hacks to make your move smoother

Raise your hand if you like the process of moving and the sea of stress that follows.

Moving to a new apartment is exciting and it promises new experiences. But packing and moving your belongings is not only painful physically but also a mental exercise.

Before my recent move to a new apartment, I put in all the time and effort to make it stress-free as I had to manage my little girl too. I planned ahead, made endless checklists, and prepared myself for unforeseen events too. It wasn’t a cakewalk but it was a learning experience.


Your house is your world and having to dismantle it is emotionally exhausting too. You must have followed all the moving hacks and tips to make it less stressful and more organized. You are confident in your packing skills but you need these seven moving hacks to help you from losing your mind in the process

1. Make a written master plan

Yes! It might sound strange in the world of technology. But, seriously write it down and strike it out whenever you finish a task. Make a list of every task that should be done: When do I have to hand over the keys to the landlord? What are the things that I need to pack, trash or donate? Repairs that need to be made in the old apartment? Change of address, transfer of utilities and the process of getting security cheques. Sit down and go over everything that needs to be done before the D-day!

2. Keep a master list of contact information

Make a list of the contact information of anyone who is involved in the process. Some numbers you may consider including in your list: your moving company, old and new landlord’s number, babysitter, security guards of the building/society, technicians and anyone else involved in the move.

3. Read the fine print of the moving company contract

Search for the best moving company near your area like finding Toronto moving company on the web. Identify the one that’s feasible,  get the quotes, the facilities they provide and their terms the contract.  Once you secure a good deal, it is important to take a note of details such as cancellation and rescheduling policies, who is responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items and other hidden charges.


4. Make a list of delivery options in your new neighborhood

The last thing you will want to prepare a meal or a snack on the D-day. Make a master list of the restaurants with delivery options and take-away. This list will not only save some time searching for restaurants but will also make it an easy first night.

5. Take photos before/after moving out of your old apartment

It is so important to document the state of your old house when you vacate it. This will make it easier for you to bring it up to your landlord when he has to release your security amount- no dispute and no hassles. When you enter the new house, take plenty of photos before you move anything in. This will prevent any issues that may arise in future.

6. Pack an essential overnight bag

Pack valuable items and essential documents in an overnight bag and carry it with you during the move. Personal documents such as birth certificates, passport, education records and government IDs must be stored in a soft copy format so that if ever you lose them at least you have the record number to get a duplicate copy. If you have a locker, it is advisable to lock all your pieces of jewelry and valuable items in it.

7. Know where the stuff is going

Label all the boxes and put it in their respective places. This will help in unpacking your stuff. This will help the folks helping you know where to put things and make it easier for them to finish the work efficiently. It is ideal to do a space planning before you enter a new house.

What would you like to add to this list?  Please comment below and let me know.

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Lots of love


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by  Hudson Movers. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience