11 Things I learned from Mario Dedivanovic’s Masterclass beyond contouring.

Desire knows no boundaries. I am not going to lie but I seriously wanted to attend Mario Dedivanovic’s masterclass like crazy.

When I got a chance to attend Mario Dedivanovic’s masterclass, I left no stone unturned to attend it.  After watching four-hour-long makeup session and filling 10-12 pages of my notebook (that too after 10 years), I can confidently say there were so many things I learned from Mario Dedivanovic’s masterclass. It was an ahhhhh..mazzzzing experience!

The sold-out event, tickets of which costed from $500 to $1300, took place in the Music Hall Jumeirah Jabeel Saray and it started an hour late due to high turnout of beauty enthusiasts. After standing in the queue for close to an hour, I entered The Musichall where I saw a running presentation of Mario Dedivanovic and his muse Kim Kardashian.

The Masterclass started after Mario called his muse Kim Kardashian on stage. It was her first event after the Paris robbery and she looked gorgeous without makeup. Wearing jeans and a cream vest top, Kim jokingly told the crowd, “Let’s hope that Mario does a good job.” Next four hours, I witnessed Picasso painting his canvas. Luckily, I was sitting beside Mario’s mother; the experience became more enriching and exciting.

Kim Kardashian looking flawless without make up


Here are 11 things I learned from Mario Dedivanovic’s Masterclass that goes beyond contouring.


1. Primers are not necessary

 Mario emphasized that Primers are not necessary as it creates a barrier between the makeup and the skin. It doesn’t let makeup as the part of the skin. he uses a very emollient moisturizer on the clean face.  Mario applied Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer all over Kim’s face and suggested Classic Nivea cream is also good for the job.

2. Create an ombre effect to your eyebrows

Mario stressed on keeping the brows as soft and natural as possible. He focused on the outer corners and less on the areas closer to the eye. “Amount of pressure is the key” and “frame it to lift the face”, he explained.  He dislikes Instagram brows and explained, “Severe brows look masculine.” Avoid it. He uses Anastasia Brow Definer to fill Kim’s brows.

3.Apply foundation everywhere

Throughout the masterclass, Mario kept saying “I am an old-fashioned makeup artist.” He prefers cream foundation as it is easy to manipulate and build up to get exact kind of coverage you require. He used a little darker shade of foundation on Kim. Apply foundation on face, neck, ears, shoulders and everywhere possible. Don’t forget to blend a little foundation on your eyelids!

4. Brush and then beauty blender

Who doesn’t love beauty blender! Mario applies foundation with a brush and then blend it with damp beauty blender to kneed foundation into the skin. The result is fresh, glowing skin and it seems as product is married to skin. Blend. Blend. Blend.

5.Cream eyeshadows as the base, powder next

I told you, he doesn’t like primer on the face. He also avoids eye primer and uses cream eyeshadows to do the work of holding the pigments. “Never creases, not required to touch up”. He spends a lot of time in blending the eyeshadows. He used Tom Ford cream eyeshadow (Spice No.4) , Urban Decay glide on 24/7 and Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Master Palette by Mario.

6. Layer your eyeliner

I have been doing this all wrong. If you use only one eyeliner, you are also doing it all wrong. Mario said that he usually does 3-4 layers of eyeliner. He explained that after a little while, liner starts to absorb into the makeup and it loses the intensity- “so I like to really layer the line and build it to give a definition.” First layer is close to eyelids, he uses Urban Decay glide on pencil, second layer is Anastasia Beverly Hills crème eyeliner and third layer is matte liquid eyeliner (MAC liquid eyeliner).

7. Prep your eyelids with translucent powder

 For the makeup to last, he sets the eye lids and face with a translucent powder. He uses Laura Mercier’s Translucent powder.

 8. Go easy with color correcting

“I am not big into color correcting”, he said. He uses a little bit of a peach-colored product under the eyes to hide dark circles. He applied the product with a Q-tip. He finds dark circles more challenging and uses his “Sandbag technique”.

9. Sandbag Technique

Mario explained his sandbagging effect in detail. He applies a thick layer of concealer under the eyes in an upside-down triangle, blending it down with a brush, along the sides of the nose and the temples. Then, he uses a sponge to coat the concealer with loose face powder, let it sit for few minutes and brush off the excess. This will surely become my go-to technique this summer. No sweat, oil, liner will affect the make-up.

 10. Invest in Baby shampoo and tea tree oil

Mario loves his brushes and he said that he still uses one he bought the day before he met Kim. “I love them.”, said Mario. “Some of them look crazy, but I’ve manipulated them over the years to do exactly what I want them to do.” He uses baby shampoo and tea tree oil to wash his brushes. Now, this is something I am going to do right now!

11. Use single eyelashes, instead of eyelash strip

Kim has seriously long eyelashes and they are beautiful. He wiggles a couple of coats of Loreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara from the root to tips and separates them with a cute looking lash comb. He admits that he doesn’t like applying mascara on the lower lashes but Kim loves it. Then he applies medium sized individual lashes using tweezers and black adhesive. Once they are dry, apply another coat of mascara over the falsies and real lashes.

Lastly, I learned the solution to one of the biggest challenge I face while applying makeup. Discoloration around the mouth area is one of the biggest problem Indian women face. Mario suggested to pat 2-3 shades lighter foundation first on the skin and then go heavier with the same color foundation over the skin. And blend it in the skin to get the flawless look.

Thank you, Mario and Kim for taking my makeup routine to another level. The Masterclass by Mario is worth every penny spend and it doesn’t matter you are a pro makeup artist or novice, you will surely learn something. Have a look at the certificate I got here.

What do you think about these makeup tricks?

Lots of Love!