11 Awesome Quotes to make you Flawsome Instantly!

Flawsome: that I understand is the new word in my lexicon. I am starting to believe that we all have flaws that some are visible and some are not. Isn’t it? There are things you can do to fix it but sometimes beauty lies in embracing it. The only thing you can do is to accept your flaws and be awesome. I know I am right but it won’t do any good till I don’t shun the voices that let me down.

The point is this: You – or your business – don’t have to be perfect. Perfection is an illusion and you don’t have to pretend it. Accept it. Be awesome. Stay healthy.

How not to be Flawsome?

  • Accept your flaws but mock other’s flaws. Not cool!
  • Don’t be a Charlie Sheen. Don’t promote your loosing life strategy as Flawsome.
  • Ignore the mistake you committed and refuse to apologize

How to be Flawsome?

  • Don’t idealize body image. Good body image is a marketing trap, don’t fall into the trap. Accept your body with curves or skinny. You are awesome the way you are. Stay healthy.
  • Don’t try to fit the mold of “Perfection”. As I said “Perfection” is an illusion.
  • Embrace your value, your talent and be confident in your skin. True confidence lies deep within our skin and not from what’s on the outside. Regardless of what commercials of beauty products show you.

You are Flawsome…just flaunt it!

Here are some quotes that can make you even more Flawsome!


What is your favorite Flawsome quote? Let me know 🙂

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Update: I was on a vacation to find my flawsome spirit. Now I am back with The Crazy List 🙂  Check out my secret sauce for success here.

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