13 Reasons Why…You Should Drink Coffee


Is this black liquid good for your health? The answer is short and simple – Yes – but in moderation. What are the health benefits of your favorite magic potion, coffee? Drink coffee and enjoy!

This post is a guest post written by Kevin Hilton. 

“13 Reasons Why” is a well-received and dark web TV series, one that shifts the spotlight to suicide, bullying, and other topics people prefer not to talk about at the dining table. But dark and black doesn’t always have to be heavy or uncomfortable, especially if we’re talking about coffee!

In this short post, let us show you 13 healthy reasons why you should drink coffee according to science.


1. You only need 200mg of caffeine to boost your long-term memory. In a double-blind study published in Nature Neuroscience, participants who consumed coffee prior to tricky memory tasks showed better accuracy than their placebo-consuming counterparts.

2. Coffee reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease. After monitoring the thought process and memory of 124 patients aged 65 to 88 years old, Dr. Cao from the University of South Florida saw 100% of the patients whose caffeine levels were beyond the critical level experience zero conversions to Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Drinking coffee reduces the risk of depression, especially for women! The findings of a study involving more than 50,000 women (without any prior depression symptoms) saw participants who drink 2 to 3 cups of caffeinated coffee reduce their risk of depression by 15%.

4. Are you a heavy coffee drinker? Your favorite beverage can reduce the risk of nerve damage by 30%! Such was the conclusion of a Swedish study presented at one of the AHA’s Scientific Sessions. And take note: the researchers found that long-term high coffee intake (5 to 10 years) provides the same protective benefit.


5. Coffee increases blood flow by 30%, especially in the microvessels. These tiny vessels are responsible for distributing blood and oxygen within tissues, while smoothing the way for nutrient exchanges throughout the body.

6. More than 4 cups of coffee help maintain a healthy heart rhythm. Heavy coffee drinkers, those who consumed more than 4 cups per day, lowered their risk of abnormal heart rhythm by up to 18%.

7. Coffee can keep your heart’s pumping muscles in tip-top shape. When the heart’s pumping power drop, heart failure can happen. But consuming 4 European cups (or about 32oz) of coffee daily can keep heart failure at bay.


8. Drinking only 2 cups of coffee everyday can lead to a 30% reduction in colon cancer risk. And even more interesting, higher coffee intake translates to greater risk reduction. Go beyond 2.5 cups and the risk for colon cancer can drop by as much as 59%.

9. Coffee-loving women reduce their risk of uterine cancer by 18%. So go ahead and fill that spill-proof mug with another round of our favorite black drink. Your uterus will thank you for it.

10. Glioma is a brain tumor that binds nerve cells fibers together. But drinking only 100ml of coffee regularly can reduce the risk of getting this terrible condition by up to 34%!

11. Want to feel stronger and boost your endurance? Grab some coffee! If you are prepping for a cycling, running, or weightlifting competition, a cup of Joe can give you the strength and endurance you need to give out your best.

12. Caffeine in coffee can speed up recovery from a strenuous exercise. Energy levels are low and muscle tissues are torn after an intense session at the gym. But coffee, combined with a carb-rich diet, can help you get back up and even preserve your glycogen stores so you can come back to the gym stronger and better.

13. Coffee works better than Naproxen and Aspirin in relieving post-workout pain. Did you know that drinking coffee before an intense workout can relieve pain by up to 48%? Over-the-counter meds can only reduce pain and aches by up to 30%.

Drink coffee and enjoy health benefits of coffee

Author Bio

Kevin is a web designer, an avid reader, and an unwavering coffee fanatic. When not busy at work, he’s busy looking for tricks and biohacks to make his cup of coffee tastier and healthier.

 Drink coffee and enjoy it’s health benefits. Let me know which is your favorite coffee – Hot or Cold! Americano or Cappuccino!

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56 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why…You Should Drink Coffee

  1. I feel like this post was made just for me, lol. So now when I question whether I should be cutting out my second cup, I’ll remember all the scientific evidence that says I shouldn’t! Great list.

  2. These facts are crazy! I never really *need* a reason to drink coffee, but knowing more about its scientific benefits makes me love it even more!

  3. Interesting. I’ve never done tea or coffee. ( I do drink a few milos. ) Yes, everything in moderate is the key. If everyone out there thought like that then there wouldn’t be so much drama.

  4. Massive coffee drinker, glad it’s got so many health benefits although I was under the impression that more than 2 cups a day was really bad for you..

  5. Wow! drinking coffee could have so many benefits? I was never aware of that! It’s a very nice written article. I love the way you have explained all the benefit’s of drinking coffee, specially the 10th point that “Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of getting Glioma”. Thanks for so much information 🙂

  6. These are very interesting and surprising points! I am more of a tea person but I do drink coffee now and then for a boost of energy. Now, I’ll be mindful of the health benefits too!

    1. My family is a tea lover too and I am the only one who loves coffee…these health benefits helped me in supporting my love for coffee! 😉

  7. I seriously didn’t know half these facts!! That’s awesome how many benefits coffee has. All you hear lately is how bad it is for you and never any of the good. Glad I have a little defense for my morning habit ?

  8. Coffee is soooo insanely healthy – but people fail to realize this because they are bombarded with news headlines claiming COFFEE is insanely caloric and full of sugar – because they do not specify the TYPE of coffee drinks they’re talking about! BLACK COFFEE = so high in antioxidants, it’s a must-drink for sure!

  9. I love coffee already, so good to know I’m doing something right ha! Some eye-opening facts there, especially no.9!

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