15 Awesome quotes for people who love coffee


“May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.”- Unknown

Do you know when coffee plant is in bloom, it doesn’t smell like coffee? It smells like a jasmine and looks like a red cherry like fruit. Do you know George Washington invented instant coffee? No, not that Washington. A chemist named George Constant Washington experimented with dried beans to create instant coffee.

If you love coffee, then I am sure this affair is fierce. Whether it’s a coffee shot, cappuccino or latte, fresh aroma of a coffee can wake you up instantly. For me coffee is not an ordinary drink but a moment of pleasure. I can’t let it go…never!  You can read health benefits of coffee here.These are few coffee quotes from some writers, actors, and thinkers that can be a perfect read with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.


“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.” ― Marcia Carrington

What do you want?”
“Just coffee. Black – like my soul.” ― Cassandra Clare

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.” ― Louisa May Alcott

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” ― David Lynch


“Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.” ― Cherise Sinclair

“No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for “Before Coffee.” ― Cherise Sinclair

The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.” ― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.


“I don’t know where my ideas come from. I will admit, however, that one key ingredient is caffeine. I get a couple cups of coffee into me and weird things just start to happen.” ― Gary Larson

“Black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, sweet as love.”― Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord

“There were some problems only coffee and ice cream could fix.” ― Amal El-Mohtar


I would rather suffer with coffee than be senseless.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

“Coffee is a language in itself.” – Jackie Chan

How much better is silence; the coffee cup, the table. How much better to sit by myself like the solitary sea-bird that opens its wings on the stake. Let me sit here for ever with bare things, this coffee cup, this knife, this fork, things in themselves, myself being myself.” – Virginia Woolf

Way too much coffee. But if it weren’t for the coffee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever. –David Letterman



 Isn’t it tempting! Which is your favorite coffee? Do you like your coffee to be hot or cold? Let me know in the comments.

Lots of love!


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  1. That first coffee meme is just adorable!! 🙂


    1. It was a love at first sight with that meme! Thanks 🙂

  2. “No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for “Before Coffee.” ― Cherise Sinclair. Omg, this is the best quote EVER! ?

    1. Life “Before Coffee” is not so good 😉 Thanks!

  3. Love it! These are adorable!

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  4. I enjoyed reading this post whilst drinking my morning coffee!

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  5. Great list! Lots I hadn’t heard before and I know a lot of coffee lovers.

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  7. Right on. I wouldn’t function without my java! I drink it hot but in the summer, it’s iced coffee every time ?

    1. Iced coffee is divine 🙂
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  8. Coffee and chocolate…need more be said? I loved reading this. I was just saying “yes” to so many of the quotes. A fun way to start my day while enjoying my coffee. LOL

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  9. Mmm heck yes, I love coffee!

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