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15 Awesome quotes for people who love coffee


“May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short.”- Unknown Do you know when coffee plant is in bloom, it doesn’t smell like coffee? …


15 Powerful quotes from women who defined Feminism


15 Quotes to inspire you to never give up and the Lego story


11 Best Relationship advice ever – The silent love songs

“Here come real stars to fill the upper skies, And here on earth come emulating flies, That though they never equal stars in size, (And …

Coco Chanel

17 irresistible life lessons from the most influential women in history – Coco Chanel

Hello my loves! This is the first Monday of March, a very special month for me. Firstly, this Month claims to be the birthday month …

17 Most inspiring and thought provoking quotes on self-love!

In case of emergency, put on your own oxygen mask before assisting others. Whenever I hear this safety instruction while flying, it unsettles me. This …

Lao Tzu

17 Quotes to read when you are overthinking!

21 Timeless Quotes to spread the magic of Love

This is a month of love and I thought to collect timeless quotes and poetry on “LOVE”. Love is indeed the most mysterious emotion we …


10 Secrets for Success – Attitude is everything!

This post was originally published on 6th February 2017 Yes! Attitude is everything. My two-and-a-half-year-old daughter loves bedtime stories. “Mumma, read a story, please”, this …

Steve Jobs

15 Steve Jobs inspiring quotes to help you architect your life and goals.

There is a video on YouTube in which Steve Jobs talks about the insanely easy way of getting things done. He reveals a secret of …