To my daughter on her 3rd birthday…celebrating Threenager!

The most precious moments in your life pass in a fast forward mode and slip beyond one’s grasp. On 25th August, we celebrated Mireya’s 3rd Birthday and my little girl is now a Threenager…

Dear Mireya

My little Rockstar you’re now Three years old!

Threenager is a magical age…you are like me in so many different ways but you resemble your father.

I remember it like it was yesterday: waking up at 5 a.m, getting ready for the special day and going to the hospital, knowing that within few hours (3 hours) you will be in my arms. It was perhaps the most amazing, peaceful and less painful birth experience. It may sound cliched but it was the happiest day of my life. That day I promised that I will give you whatever you want and will love you forever. 

This year you asked for (every little girl’s favorite) Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen. I love the way you raise your arm and sing “Let it go” and make a face when you sing,” The cold never bothered me anyway.”

I searched for these dolls everywhere online and offline- Hamleys and Toystore – India and America but I didn’t find the one who is fully poseable. (She first saw Anna fully poseable in Arpita Maasi’s (Aunt) house and instantly fell in love with it). I wanted to present you authentic Disney doll and not the fake one. Finally, one fine day, I found these dolls in and within 10 days it was delivered to our house. I still can’t forget the way you were dancing and jumping all around. “For the first time in forever…”

Your dad wanted to make your birthday even more special so he ordered Anna and Elsa cake for you. We celebrated your birthday in Armani/Amal, Burj Khalifa. The ambiance of the restaurant is glorified with Dubai fountains and it served the authentic Indian cuisine.

A bit more about who you are at this very moment: 

You love to sing Three Little Kittens and dance like a ballerina

You love to make standing lines and hate making sleeping lines…you have started making smilies and I am extremely proud of that. 🙂

You love sticker books, farm stories, and activity books

You love to kiss Dad and me at night before sleeping. And you give me a tight cuddle and whisper, “I love you, Mumma.”

You love to travel with your Peppa Pig family and they all go with you everywhere. 

You are quite a Lady when it comes to saying Thank you, Sorry and Excuse me. Now, you’ve started covering your mouth with a tissue when you cough

You are an expert in using YouTube and you love to talk to Siri ?

You only speak in English but when you speak in Hindi…it’s funniest (Papa bhaggaya ?)

Too soon you will start your preschool and my young lady will become busier. I just want to freeze this time and enjoy your funny conversations. Stay the way you are and amuse us with your ever growing vocabulary and style of speaking. I simply love your Brit-accent! (Credit goes to Peppa Pig)

We tried to make your day special and I think we succeeded in doing so.

Here’s to celebrating many more birthdays, milestones, and moments.

Happy birthday, baby.







Hope you enjoyed the glimpse of the celebration.  Here are some Disney quotes to boost your Monday mood!

See you soon!