Bye Minimalism, Welcome Maximalism: Spring Fashion 2018

Spring Summer Fashion 2018

Originally Published on 28th February 2018

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” ― Leo Tolstoy

As we move forward and embrace spring season, it is time to update our wardrobe.

Yes! It is a season of rebirth, blossom, plans, and projects. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to welcome blooming season with open arms. It is a nature’s way of saying “Let’s Party!” before the temperature begins to peak.

Finally, it is time to follow yearly cleaning tradition and indulge in new fashion trends to embrace the hectic season ahead. But before you make room for spring collection in your closet, it is time to review and de-clutter the overflowing closet to make room for your new possession.

Spring/Summer Fashion 2018 is more about maximalism. From sequin dresses to the return of classic Burberry checks, it is all about getting 80s vibes back. “At Gucci, the ‘80s featured all throughout the collection with big hair, structured jackets with big shoulders, and a distinctive blend of neutrals, prints, and bright colors.”- Glowsly

Spring Summer Fashion Trend

Here are some items on top of my spring list inspired by Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion trends:

1. Sequin dress: This is groundbreaking, get whatever has that bling. Who wants a basic long dress? It’s time to get sequins all over on a V-neck fishtail maxi dress. This is the kind of thing that would go perfectly with some sparkly jewelry, like the 3 stone white gold engagement ring you got for Christmas… 

2. Red Chiffon Maxi Dress: Get that blossom vibe in this flower-printed dress with split sides. Bold prints are in the fashion so take out your printed dress that you buried in your closet. Get maxi dresses with straw hats in your closet to welcome Mr.Spring!

3. Metallic pink wrap dress: Millenial pink is the color of the season. I say: Bring it on!

4. Yellow and White Jumpsuit: They call me mellow-yellow! Yellow is considered as one of the biggest color trends in spring/summer fashion. Time to get this sunny hue!

5. Black cold shoulder frill sleeve top: Steel the spotlight this season with cold shoulder and attention-grabbing frill sleeves.

6. White Glitter Star Lace-up shoes: The perfect white shoe with star embellishment goes with just about everything!

7. Pineapple gold earrings: Spring is the perfect time to make a messy bun and flaunt a statement earring.

8. Mustard faux suede satchel bag: It’s time to bid adieu to classic clutches. Get a satchel bag with a different structure, embellishment, pattern, or strap.

9. Tassel Drop Earring: Tassel is everywhere…so why not get a trendy rose gold tassel earring? It is a perfect accessory for a big occasion.

10: Light Blue Pearl And Diamante Jeans: Forget minimalism. It’s time for maximalism this season…get some pearls on your denim.

11. Navy and pink bold floral prints: The bolder, the better.

12. Champagne glitter shoes: Write your own Cinderella fairytale with glitter shoes.

13. Red and Black checks: Who said checks are only for winters? This season checks will stay a bit longer. Classic and bold.

14. Subtle bracelets: Sometimes, subtlety is the way to go when it comes to accessories, like this jaw-dropping Cartier bracelet.

Before you embark on an exotic holiday this spring, set aside a week for Spring cleansing –call it spring cleaning.

Get the ultimate closet detox guide, here.

What is your favorite dress on the spring fashion list? What is your current favorite spring fashion trend? It’ s time to upgrade your wardrobe but don’t forget to do some spring cleaning too – donate clothes that you no longer love.

Comment below and let me know. 

Lots of love!



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  1. I love spring fashion … it’s always so light and colourful. My favourites are numbers 2 and 11, as I love wearing dresses … they make women look elegant and femininely. 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to more pieces like the yellow and white floral print culotte jumpsuit. That one is super pretty!

  3. I’m really a fan of #11. I am just counting down until spring.

  4. I love your choices for Spring. This is definitely the kind of style I like.

  5. I love spring and the bright colors and flowers. The warm weather brings out a whole new wave of fun fashion. I don’t know if I’ll get any new jeans but definitely a new dress or shirt.

  6. I’ve never had much of a spring wardrobe, living in the south my entire life, we pretty much skip from winter to summer in a matter of weeks. I go from pants and long sleeves to shorts and sleeveless very quickly! Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere that had more of the seasons, but I also absolutely hate the cold!

  7. I love the black and red plaid dress, its one of my favorite patterns. I don’t like to have a lot of stuff going on with my clothes, the simpler the better.

  8. I love the blue sequence dress and the cute pineapple earrings. We need to treat ourselves sometimes 🙂

  9. white is my colour and yellow is beauty, and so when we talk about yellow jumpsuit together with spring/summer fashion, she nails it.

  10. I just love the word maximalism. I am definitely not a minimalist at all. The first dress is so pretty!

  11. The girly girl in me is in love with the mauvey pink wrap dress but the rocker chick in me wants the skinny jeans. 🙂

  12. Wow, so interesting to see these fashion trends repeating themselves. Adjusting to busier patterns will take me some time, but believe me, I am ALL OVER that clutch bag. Adorable!!

  13. Oh goodness! I love your picks. Those dresses are fab! 🙂

  14. Oh, how fun….I love the colors and patterns of spring!! Love this so much!!

  15. Great wardrobe choices. I know this is the time to update the closet. I am with you “Bring it on”. I am ready for the new season. I need to get me some dresses with blingage tho.

  16. Angela Cardamone

    I’m a bit out of the loop fashion wise! These all look great though, LOVE the colors!!

  17. I love your spring choices. I am dying for Spring to hit the UK. We are currently having a bout of dreadful weather and I am dying to wear the colour of the season lilac.

  18. I love all these! So pretty and I love all the pops of color!

  19. I am incorporating a lot of red, pink, and purple in my spring wardrobe along with florals and gingham!! I am so excited to change it up!!

  20. I love anything glitter but the blue and the pink ones aren’t nearly casual enough to just wear. Im a tulle skirt and light layers kind of girl. I know thats not in season but the 90s grunge look wasnt even my scene in 1995 with all the plaid and rips.

  21. I really like the black cold shoulder shirt! It’s perfect for a date night with my husband!

  22. Yay for Spring time, it’s so close! I love a lot of your selections you have, the fun colors and florals are always a crowd pleaser ; )

  23. Making plans is easier when you wear light, colorful and amazing spring dresses! That’s why I tend to be quite productive in term of ideas in spring

  24. I love yellow colour in spring season . I love to arrange wardrobe for spring seasons .Definetly I love ur choices also.

  25. I love yellow colour in spring season . I love to arrange wardrobe for spring seasons .Definetly I love ur choices spread over.

  26. You are right, the bolder the better! Love that floral print, perfect for spring and summer.

  27. I will always love maxi dresses because they’re so comfy and perfect for the weather. Floral prints and pastels are great as well! Love these picks!

  28. Number 11 is my pick. Such a cute dress!!

  29. Every Spring I try to edit my wardrobe because im trying to be a minimalist.I donate bags of clothes to charity. It’s funny you mention yellow as being in fashion this season. This girl at work was wearing yellow pants and she looked fabulous. This is one color I don’t own much of but will try to incorporate a few yellow pieces this season!

  30. Had been looking for some ideas for a gift for my wife. This piece should come in handy! Nice ensembles!

  31. Great choices, I specially love floral dresses in summers and red & yellow are the perfect colours for it. The glitter shoes are lovely.

  32. There is a lot of exciting trends coming this spring. As a brand owner and someone who works in the world of fashion, you nailed the coming trends!

  33. Oh my goodness!!! That yellow floral jumpsuit is to die for!! I adore the black floral dress, too. You made such smart choices for a maximal vibe.

  34. Awesome! My girlfriend absolutely loves these kind of beauty and fashion tips. This is exactly the kind of stuff she freaks out about. Sending to her now to see what she thinks 🙂

  35. What a lovely selection of styles and accessories. I really like the navy floral dress best.

  36. I’m so glad spring is here at last, a season to bring colour back into the wardrobe! Love all of your pieces especially the red maxi dress 🙂

  37. These are super amazing, I m awaiting my capsule wardrobe additions to come in the mail.

  38. I love this new trend of wearing jeans with pearls on it.

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