How is it going: 7 questions to ask in these strange times

Wassup! How are you doing? Questions

Wassup! How is it going? 

My friends, it’s been a moment since I checked in and asked: “How is it going ( in these unprecedented times)?” I know it is one of those questions we answer without thinking. Like when we meet someone and are immediately greeted with, “Hi, How are you?” And we instinctively say,  ” I am fine. Thank you!” Even though we’re feeling miserable.

We never say what we are going through. It feels as if we are conditioned not to open up or share our struggles.

I am asking you again:

Hello Friends, How are you getting along?

I demand an honest, in-depth thoughtful answer. 

So here are some follow-up questions for you:

How’s your day been so far?

What are you reading currently?

What are the TV shows or movies you’d recommend?

What do you do when you start to feel down?

What’s been on your mind lately?

Is there anything that you thought you can’t live without but you didn’t miss it in your quarantined life?

What is your nickname/alter-ego?

It’s a different world we live in right now. And we all need different approaches to sail through this pandemic. With people out of work, small businesses suffering, and economies going into depression – we all have only one goal: survival. We all are facing an uncertain and unpredictable future but this is also an opportunity to emerge stronger, disciplined, and grateful. 

At times like this, instead of getting stuck into the spirals of “What-ifs”, be kind to yourself and connect with friends, family and acquaintances. Don’t let coronavirus dominate your conversations and stories. 

It doesn’t matter how you choose to start your interactions, but what matters  is that you genuinely ask questions that attract honest answers. One of the kindest thing “you can do is to not pretend that you’re fine and let others also open up to their success and struggles. In these times, there is no place for ingenuity. 

Now, let me answer the above questions.

How are you getting along?

I am trying to cope up with the new style of living, learning and leading.

How’s your day been so far?

It’s been a good day so far. I am writing this post after so many days and it’s bringing positivity around me. I guess I missed talking to you guys but I have had enough on my plate that I couldn’t give time to The Crazy List. It’s good to be back.

What are you reading currently?

I am currently reading The Spy by Paulo Coelho. I left it in the middle and now I am planning to finish all the books that I left in the middle for some reason or another.

What are the TV shows or movies you’d recommend?

I am currently watching Ozark on Netflix and I love it. Highly recommended!

What do you do when you start to feel down?


What’s been on your mind lately?

Color my hair. I can see some whites and I am too lazy to cover them. 

Is there anything that you thought you can’t live without but you didn’t miss it in your quarantined life?

Makeup. Shopping. Gazebo’s Chicken Biryani

What is your nickname/alter-ego?

Nyx ( Goddess of night / Daughter of Chaos)

If plan A doesn’t work
If plan A doesn’t work…

Finally, I wanted to say how grateful I am that you’re here. I am waiting to read your answers to these questions. If you wish to beat the Monday blues, then click here.

We are in this together. Be responsible and be safe.

Sending so much love your way. 


Today is a good day…

50 thoughts on “How is it going: 7 questions to ask in these strange times

  1. These are really good questions that you don’t really think to ask people in the normal day. I’ll have to ask them and see what people say.

  2. It’s true people don’t really say the way they feel when they are asked how they are. The times are uncertain and we need to try as much as we can to look out for one another.

  3. All we’ve gotta do is just get through 2020 alive, healthy and sane. That’s all..and I pray that is what we do and 2021 ushers in blessings and goodness that seems to have eluded us this year.

  4. I am trying my best to cope with the anxiety this pandemic has brought. I bought some new house plants, enrolled in a refresher course in Mandarin, binge watch series on Netflix or Viki. I just miss seeing my grandson everyday, but I am beyond thankful that my family is safe and well. I love those questions you listed. I am saving them and I am going to ask myself these questions when I feel a little down. It would help me pinpoint my stressors.

    1. We all are trying to cope up with the uncertainties and ambiguities this COVID has brought in our life. We are in this together! Even I have enrolled myself to learn French…learning a new language is not only challenging but fun!

  5. Good questions. And I agree, people don’t usually say what they’re really feeling unless you ask follow up questions to get them to open up more. I was reading Atomic Habits, TikToking with my kids, and working on my blog to get through the stressful times.

  6. While reading this post I realized that it really helps, these questions will help in hard times to discover ourselves. Truly speaking, I do agree with many commentators above that these questions are hardly asked by anyone these days!

  7. Things have been good lately! We’re all doing pretty well here. We’ve adapted to spending more time at home. My day is going well so far. I’m two cups of coffee in, so that’s a plus.

  8. It is always interesting when you ask someone how they are doing, and they say “fine” and that is it. haha, so much better to ask specific questions, not one word answer questions. From your answers it sounds like you are doing well. Glad to hear it! I keep seeing Ozark while searching for things to watch, one of these days I will have to check it out.

  9. I love this. It’s not often we stop and think to ask ourselves these questions. I think we all are experiencing some sort of anxiety and worry and are finding it hard to adapt to this new style of living.

  10. Awesome post! Honestly, I think when people ask how you are they really want you to say you are well because they want you to be well. I love your other questions. I plan to start working on those with others instead of just a general “how are you.”

  11. I shared something similar yesterday because September is suicide prevention month. Glad to see others sharing the same 🙂

  12. In these trying times, it is of utmost importance that we get to check on ourselves and those we hold dear too. Isolation can take its toll on anyone and reaching out would really go a long way.

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