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15 Easy and Unique Homemade Christmas Gifts 2020

Love the giver more than the gift.- Brigham Young. And when you get thoughtful Homemade Christmas gifts, it makes it even more special.

The holiday season is finally here, and before the fun holiday festivities arrive, it’s time to get ready with Homemade Christmas gifts.

You can reduce the post-holiday stress by saving and spending wisely without sacrificing any of the holiday excitement. Before you indulge in the marathon of gifts-buying, look at these tips to make smart choices and save money this holiday season – ring in the New Year with celebration rather than panic.

Get ready with special Christmas gifts- Homemade Christmas Gifts. These DIY projects are not only easy to make but also, stylish.

Ready, set, get the supplies, and start making your Homemade Christmas Gifts.


1. Bubble Bath Bars: 

There is nothing more blissful than soaking in a big warm tub while hot tea.

Credit: A Beautiful Mess


2. DIY Peppermint Mason Jar Candles:

Raise your hand if you have never tried making your own candles.  You might be surprised how easy it is to make and gift it to your loved one.  Stock up some candle wax, favorite scent, and a mason jar.  It is a perfect gift for friends, neighbors, co-workers, and teachers this holiday season.


3. DIY Chunky Knit Blanket

Don’t throw your money on a $300- $600 blanket for a Christmas gift to your loved one. DIY chunky knit blanket with a $20-$25 yarn. Honestly, it is not about the money, it is about the feeling of accomplishment when you knit your very own blanket.


4. DIY Pine Gel Candles 

Give these beautiful Pine Gel Candles and light up their world this Christmas. All you need is some glitter, floating candles, a mason jar, dried evergreen, and gel wax. 

Credit:Home Made By Carmona


5. Marbled Clay Ring Dish 

Help your friend keep their small treasures on this beautiful marble clay ring dish. All you need is oven-bake clay and 15-minutes of your time.

6. Glowing Photo Luminaries 

It is a fun, easy, and inexpensive personalized gift for any occasion. Let those flickering candles bring back all the memories.

Credit: Our Best Bites

7. Whipped Body Butter Recipe

Use coconut oil, cocoa butter, and almond oil to make this tempting whipped body butter. Give this classic winter staple to moisturize their skin.

Credit: Today’s Creative Life


8.Cookie Mix Gift Sack

It is a perfect gift for teachers, co-workers, family, and friends. A cookie mix is a better gift as in the holiday season we are inundated with sweets, cakes, and cookies. So, it’s nice to bake your own cookies later.


9. Succulent Gift Box

How can you forget your plant-loving friend? A box filled with budding succulents and all the essentials you would need to plant them in a pot or terrarium.

Credit: Burkatron


10. Spa Pedicure Gift in a Jar 

Fill a mason jar with all the essentials for a salon-worthy manicure/pedicure at home. A little pampering is what we need for Christmas.

Credit: A Night Owl Blog


11. DIY Snow Globes

Give this homemade version of the classic Christmas snow globe.  You can finish this project in just 10 minutes – quick and easy. Perfect DIY to do with your kids and cherish it forever.

Credit: The Sweetest Occasion


12. Wall Clock

Use the decorative gift wrap to make a beautiful clock. The clock is running make the most of the day…

Credit: Fabric Paper Glue


13. DIY Koosh Ball Pillows

Add some holographic pillows to your Christmas gift list – let her relive her childhood. It’s a super simple DIY and I am planning to gift this to my daughter this holiday season.

Credit: Studio Diy

14. DIY Clay Coasters

These clay coasters can be personalized and shaped the way you like. It’s an awesome gift – useful and beautiful.

15. Easy Ring Cones 

Give these ring cones to your girlfriends and they will never forget this Christmas gift. The best part of this DIY is that you can customize it depending on their style and you can showcase your creativity with colors and accents.


I hope you liked these easy-peasy Homemade Christmas Gifts. It’s time to get creative and thoughtful this holiday season. You can find all these projects on my Pinterest Board – Homemade Christmas Gifts.



Do let me know your favorite Homemade Christmas Gifts project. 

See you next week. Lots of love!