7 Ways to save money on gifts this holiday season

Save money on Holiday Gifts

Do you know budgets and diets have one thing in common? They both get ruined during the holidays. You try to stick to your plan but then you find everything going out of control when Christmas lights turn on.

Get ready for the holiday season ahead!

It’s time to reduce post-holiday stress by saving and spending wisely without sacrificing any of the holiday excitement. Before you indulge in the marathon of gift-buying, look at these tips to make smart choices and save money this holiday season – ring in the New Year with celebration rather than panic.



1.Make a List and set a budget

Make a list of everyone you plan to buy a gift for, what you’re willing to spend and a budget estimate on the basis of what you decide to give each person on the list. It gives you an approximate figure that will help you in managing your holiday budget. Setting and sticking to a budget can help prevent frugal spending

When you plan your budget:

a) List everyone you plan to give gifts

b) Brainstorm gift ideas and write maximum amount you will spend 

c) Brainstorm other holiday costs from decorating to parties to travel

d) Add everything and if you are comfortable then go ahead or else go back and trim your budget 

2.Take Advantage of Loyalty cards

Do you have a loyalty card from your favorite retails stores and supermarkets? If you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out some great deals and offers. Loyalty cards offer points/rewards on your every purchase. After a certain amount of accumulated points, you can convert them into cash and use them within the store. This can help you to save money on holiday shopping.

3.Shop with the right credit card

Use your credit cards strategically to earn back money as you shop for gifts. A cash-back credit card can provide 1% or 10% cash back on all purchases or on certain types of purchases. Cash back rewards can be redeemed for bank account deposits, statement credits, redeem for gift cards and merchandise.

Get credit cards that reward your purchase but make sure to pay balances in full and on time. Also, make sure that you know the fine prints when you apply for any financial instrument.

4.Shop sales

This is the perfect way to save money on holiday gifts. Buy them on sale. Even though it has its own shortcomings as it can easily lead to impulse buying and derail your budget. Keep a close eye on Black Friday or White Friday sales, Cyber Mondays and online deals. Stick to your list, compare prices and pick up the best gifts.



5. Use Vouchers and Discount Coupons

It’s the perfect time to use promotional tools like gift vouchers and coupons to get the best price for the purchase. You can check out Groupon to get some perfect deals and coupons.

“While most of them will not lead to serious price reductions, the discounts will add up in the end particularly if you have a long list of people to buy for!” – Lendgreen Loans

You can know more about Lendgreen Loans and get an instant solution to an emergency financial needs.

6. Re-Gift A Present

What is re-gifting? It’s an act of receiving a gift, then after a period of time, giving it to someone else.

This is still a taboo but it’s actually the perfect way of giving something that you own but you’ve never used it. It is also the perfect way to minimize spending on holiday season. If you got a gift card to a store you never visit or don’t like, it’s fine to regift it or if you receive a bottle of wine (sealed) you probably won’t drink, it’s very safe to regift it. But make sure to avoid giving it to the person who gave it to you. (Wink)

7. Homemade Gifts

If you wish to give something that is unique, special and personalized then Homemade gifts are the perfect option. It is difficult to choose a right gift for your loved ones but homemade gifts are very fulfilling for the giver and receiver. So, start searching for a perfect DIY on Pinterest and gift it to someone close. Follow me on Pinterest! 😉

Save Money this Holiday Season

What makes a gift special is the amount of thought that goes into it and not the amount that goes out of your wallet.

What is the best holiday present you’ve ever received? What made it special?

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Lots of Love,



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Lendgreen.  The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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  1. I am giving a lot of homemade gifts this year. I am making jellies, and sauces that I will be giving in a basket, along with some store bought goodies.

  2. Yesss! This so helpful, there are just some things you don’t think of until someone tells you.

  3. This was a really helpful post! Thanks for sharing these budget-friendly tips. I tend to get a little carried away with Christmas shopping, but setting a budget will help to keep my spending in check : ) Happy Holidays!

  4. I already know I’m going to be breaking my diet resolutions, so I might as well start off on the right foot with budgeting! This post was a great reminder to be intentional about shopping- impulse buys always get the best of me!

  5. I just used a groupon today for a gift of cologne and saved 40 dollars! I need to make a list like you suggested before I lose track of spending.

  6. Girl, we’re all about saving this year. Every penny counts! Which is why we’re going the homemade route this year for most of our gifts I think. Thoughtful and cheaper!

  7. I am so good at keeping a budget all through the year, but when it comes to my boys at Christmas time I’m so bad about it. Although, I do like to gift experiences so we try to also plan a trip. My favorite gift was when my entire family went on a cruise years ago, there were about 25 of us and it was a blast!

  8. Loyalty cards and vouchers – deals are the things I am banging on this festive season. But home made gifts seems a super idea as well. Shall try out something home made!

  9. Great advice no doubt we all need to save money and be frugal as we never know what tomorrow will bring. Spending too much in presents is not a wise thing .

  10. Great list of tips, I am trying to stick to these, unfortunately the sales often get me, I end up buying extras for some people as I feel like I can’t walk past a good deal. I am trying harder this year.

  11. Definitely setting a budget is my number one – otherwise I tend to get a bit carried away, particularly for my other half. And shopping around a little bit/price comparing if you have something specific in mind.

  12. I wish I see your post earlier…I’m a very early on Christmas buyer, that means that I’m almost done with the shopping and the calendar still shows November (the last packages are expected to arrive next week, and then everything is ready for xmas). It was definitely heavy on the budget…. No problems…post bookmarked and next year I’ll definitely utilize your tips.

  13. Excellent tips here! I totally agree that handmade gifts are a great way to save, and they are even more touching to receive than any other. It’s really heartwarming when you can see the time and effort they’ve put into it… It’s more from their mind and their heart than just their wallet, and that’s pretty special.

  14. Yes to homemade gifts and sales! and I always use the right credit cards so I get some back 😉 these are great tips and I’ll have to use more on your list… being a single Ma this time of year can break the bank! thanks!

  15. Setting a budget and shopping sounds a lot like me. I think homemade DIY gifts are special and personalized way as well!

  16. Ha..ha…I love the connection between budget and diet and it’s so true! On a more serious note, your pot is actually very useful in giving some serious insight on saving some money, because when it comes to buying gifts, I tend to splurge! I like the re-gifting idea a lot!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Do drop by my blog as well : http://styleovercoffee.com 🙂

  17. I recommend buying clothes from outlets. Clothes are half or a quarter of the manufacturer’s store price.

  18. These are all great ways to save money for sure! I love homemade gifts, they are both personal and thoughtful.

    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  19. Fab list. I love the Lendgreen quote up there. So true. Need to watch my spending this Christmas so I don’t go hungry in January ?

  20. I need to consider the loyalty points that I have earned in various different places more often. I don’t always think about it as much as I should when it comes to gift giving.

  21. Homemade gifts really are a money saver. Although, I am not too good at make them haha 🙂

  22. These are some great tips. I only shop during sales and I use coupons too.

  23. I always look out for sales and discounts but it’s really important that you set up a budget for your holiday shopping this season! Love these tips!

  24. A helpful post. One should always look for coupons online, before purchasing. Most of the times, some sort of a coupon is applicable, but we are just hesitant to search on the net.

  25. When it comes to shopping, I’m always waiting for sales. To be honest holidays ruin my diet and budget so much but I’m now more disciplined

  26. Love these ideas to save money this holidays. Yeah we just need to check first if we really need to spend of be creative to minimize our expenses.

  27. Good advice, we’ve set our budgets and working through a list of presents. It’s hard to stay organised but always helps. And also sales, hello Black Friday!

  28. Oh A great share for the upcoming Christmas. I don’t make a gift myself. This is a meaningful and economical idea for me.

  29. […] any of the holiday excitement. Before you indulge in the marathon of gifts-buying, look at these tips to make smart choices and save money this holiday season – ring in the New Year with celebration […]

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