5 Matching Christmas Gifts That Go Beyond Matching PJs

christmas gifts

Unwrap the Christmas magic with these matching Christmas gifts for this festive season.

Move over pajamas – Elevate your gift-giving Game with these matching Christmas gifts!

Matching pajamas are a favorite when the Christmas season comes. In fact, they are so popular that almost every family has at least one matching set if not more. While there’s still a lot to say about having matching Pjs, one thing is for sure: This type of gift can rapidly feel boring. After all, most families have matching festive nightwear. So what else can you prepare to surprise your loved ones this Christmas? 

Christmas Gift


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Matching Christmas slippers

Nothing transforms your family’s holiday gatherings into a cozy celebration like matching seasonal slippers. First of all, let’s focus on the practical aspect of slippers: They keep your feet warm. When most families spend a lot of time indoors at Christmas, having chats, playing games, or simply relaxing with a classic Christmas movie, socks may not be enough to stay warm in the dead of winter. 

They are not only the perfect blend of comfort and seasonal fun. They are also a reminder to relax together at home. 


Coordinated festive sweaters

How many Christmas dinners and catch-ups are you going to have? Most households tend to have a Christmas lunch with their closest relatives, but they still organize many festive dinners and afternoon cake and coffee dates with friends, neighbors, and more distant relatives. So perhaps, this is the occasion to exchange fun presents that can bring you closer without being too intrusive. There’s something intrinsically fun about wearing matching festive jumpers together. This is a way to share the joy and excitement of the season!

Christmas Gift Festive Sweaters

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Customized Santa hats

Elevate the holiday spirit with personalized Santa hats, which can be an ideal present if you live in a particularly cold region. A Santa hat can add a unique touch to the Christmas time, keeping you warm and united. 

You can customize the hats with names or even different embroidered patterns, such as a Christmas tree, a reindeer, or even a snowflake. There’s no need to go over the top when it comes to design. A simple hat can do the trick and reinforce the family bond in a subtle way. 

Christmas Gift

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Holiday socks set

Christmas holidays are all about staying together at home and sharing a cup of hot cocoa. So, a pair of warm and thick house socks can be the perfect addition to the day-to-day loungewear. These are an ideal choice for elderly relatives who will love the extra comfort and warmth of the present.

You can choose matching patterns or even customize the socks by getting their names embroidered on top. You can also look for non-slip socks, which are designed to be worn in-house and can prevent falls. 

Christmas Gift Sock sets


Customized sports kits

For younger families who are more active, nothing beats team sports outfits. You can surprise them with a customized sports kit in festive colors, using this online custom rugby kit designer, for example. This can be a great way to strengthen bonds and encourage everyone to stay fit and healthy during the Christmas break!

There’s no need to invest in specialized sports gear. You can focus on getting everyone a personalized jersey in the colors of the family sports team. 

Christmas Gifts


In conclusion, this year, it’s time to move away from the typical matching PJs and surprise your loved ones with something new and exciting! 

Sprinkle some Christmas magic with love and give your loved ones matching Christmas Gifts!

Hope you have an amazing Holiday season.

Lots of Love


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