Parenting Guide : 3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Parenthood

Discover the ultimate Parenting Guide designed to empower you on your journey through parenthood.

“My biggest parenting conundrum: why is it so hard to put someone who is already sleepy to sleep.” –Chrissy Teigen.

Here’s the parenting guide to deal with this conundrum without losing your sanity.

It’s quite amazing how important the job of “parent” is compared to the “training” we’re rarely given before we become one. Bringing a brand new human being into the world is a big deal, and you might think it would take a year-long course to understand how to look after them before permission to have a lovely bundle of joy is granted. Thankfully, the world doesn’t quite work like that, but that doesn’t mean such a course is outside the realm of logic.

In fact, as any parent will tell you, sometimes the lessons of looking after your little one come as you experience them. These can be small and unique – for example, perhaps your baby absolutely loves the sound of calm acoustic guitar, to the point where you have several prepared playlists to soothe them if they cry in the middle of the night. That’s a unique consideration no other parent might have told you and for obvious reasons. In this parenting process – don’t forget to treat your partner from time to time!

But it’s true there are other considerations worth knowing, too. Let’s try to clear some of those up, so you don’t have to learn the hard way.


The Art Of Mealtime Negotiation

You may have seen a few movies where a cool action hero serves as a police negotiator, trying to convince a criminal to do the right thing. This is how it feels to convince your infant or toddler to eat their evening meal, and they don’t even have to be picky eaters to challenge you this way, it’s just how children are. Mealtime negotiations, from pretending the spoon is an airplane, to chopping up vegetables and hiding them in your ragu sauce, will become a norm you find yourself growing exceedingly skilled at.

Meal Time Negotiation

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Development Rates

Not all children develop at the same speed. Your own child may develop faster than other children and could be included in the gifted program, or perhaps they’ll need a little more support. It’s important to be loving and encouraging as they face the rigors of schooling, even if the school has been set up perfectly to help them, it can be a new and tense environment for a little child to understand. It’s also helpful to enroll in courses designed for specific needs, such as the auditory verbal therapy support they can use to better develop communication abilities. No parent can predict how their child will perform, but with the right support, much progress can be made.

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Realizing The Impact Of “Mom Guilt”

Parents, but especially mothers, tend to be very hard on themselves. Lose your temper during the school run and you may think you’re the worst parent to ever exist. Feel tired of answering the 400th question while just trying to bathe your child, and you might think you have little patience. The trick is to be softer with yourself, to learn the lessons are you go, and remember this is your first time through life as well. Try to lessen the sense of constant guilt, and credit yourself for those small wins. Parenthood can be an emotionally turbulent time, but with care and attention, you’re sure to do well.

Parenting guide


With this advice, we hope you can feel a little more prepared for the wonderful journey ahead of you.

Hope you liked the parenting insight! Do let me know your biggest parenting conundrum experience.

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