Cosmetic Treatments: Debunking The Fiction Behind These Beauty Treatments

In the world of beauty, cosmetic treatments are often viewed with a cynical lens.

People will happily advocate for at-home beauty treatments and ideas, but the moment you step into cosmetic surgery, things are seen differently. It has weirdly been stigmatized, largely thanks to a lot of false information or stupid opinions out there on cosmetic treatments. 

With that in mind, this blog post will aim to debunk the fiction behind cosmetic treatments so you can see what they’re really all about! 

Cosmetic treatments

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Cosmetic surgery is only for vain people!

The biggest cosmetic surgery misconception is that only vain celebrities do it. In truth, a lot of vain celebs will undertake cosmetic procedures, and they have probably given it a bad name in the past. 

Reality is far from this. Cosmetic surgery is genuinely life-changing for a lot of people. Individuals born with deformities have ways to change their appearance and feel more confident. Women who sadly lost part of their bodies due to breast cancer can undergo cosmetic surgery and feel more complete. It shouldn’t be seen as something for vanity’s sake. Instead, it’s more about empowering people to make choices that make them feel more beautiful

Cosmetic treatments look unrealistic

Again, we have celebrities and terrible cosmetic surgeons to thank for this one. We’ve all seen images of celebs with awful cosmetic treatments that make them look like walking dolls. This isn’t what cosmetic surgery is about at all – it’s about creating realistic changes that make people feel better about their appearance. 

Perhaps it was a bit worse in the past, but modern techniques are far better. You can discover advanced facial renewal surgery that makes you look younger without it seeming totally unrealistic. Even the most common cosmetic procedure – a nose job – can be done to make subtle and natural changes. Forget what you see in the celebrity gossip columns; cosmetic treatments are all about realism. 

All cosmetic treatments are surgical

When you hear people talk about cosmetic surgery, it’s normal to assume that every single treatment is surgical. You may envision going under the knife and being knocked out for hours while things are being stitched and pulled. 

Again, this can happen – but not all treatments are surgical. You can undergo non-invasive cosmetic surgery that doesn’t involve any incisions at all. A lot of moms are getting injectable fillers to restore youthfulness around their eyes or face. You also have endless facial rejuvenation treatments that involve face masks, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and different non-surgical techniques. Ironically, a lot of the beauty treatments people try at home can be available through cosmetic surgery providers, only they use better techniques and products for improved efficacy! 

Cosmetic treatments

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Keeping all of this in mind, cosmetic treatments get a much worse rap than they deserve. Does this mean everyone should go out and get them? Of course not! However, you shouldn’t feel ashamed if you are interested in some cosmetic procedures to make yourself feel more confident. As long as you are doing it for yourself – and not for anyone else – then you can happily do whatever you want. 

Cosmetic treatments


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I hope you found this post helpful. You should consult with the cosmetologist and discuss your concerns – then decide for yourself. Do not get into the trap of what-will-people-say. If cosmetic treatments work for you then go for it.

Lots of love!



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  1. I think views on cosmetic surgery is changing, it is something I would not consider for myself but understand why people do have it done

  2. Your article effectively addresses the unrealistic expectations associated with cosmetic procedures, thanks to certain celebrities and poor surgery outcomes. Your reassurance that modern techniques focus on creating natural and subtle changes is comforting.

  3. So glad you debunked those myths. A lot are misinformed especially cosmetic surgery. Thank you so much for this. I also learned something new!

  4. This was such an interesting read. I have to admit, I was fully under the influence of most of these myths, so I was happy to see that they weren’t true. It might be time to get a treatment!

  5. I’ve never had a cosmetic procedure but mainly because I’m scared! There is a lot of misinformation about it.

  6. I think I definitely had a very strong disapproval of cosmetic surgery when I was younger, as I’ve gotten older I’ve become much more accepting and embracing of the idea of certain procedures. I think there is definitely a fine line of how far you should go but also not encouraging it either for young people struggling with their body images. If it feels good for you, go for it, but I don’t think it should be a standard either. Great post and lots of thought provoking points!

  7. I think these things are very much a personal choice and no one should judge anyone’s decisions. I can’t say I’d never have anything done as I don’t know how the future may shape my decisions, but really interesting to debunk some of the fictions out there x

  8. This blog post tackles an important topic in the beauty industry. The stigma around cosmetic treatments often stems from misconceptions and false information. It’s fantastic to see an effort to debunk these myths and provide a more accurate perspective on cosmetic treatments. A great step towards making informed choices and breaking down unfounded judgments in the realm of beauty.

  9. I think society’s views on cosmetic procedures has changed. Although I live in LA where that’s more acceptable.

  10. Celebrate Woman Today

    Cosmetic procedures have gone through a huge evolution. Being aware of what is available in that area is important to know for any woman who wants to feel and look beautiful at any age.

  11. Your piece on cosmetic treatments is insightful, demystifying common misconceptions. The friendly tone makes it easy to grasp, and I appreciate the focus on separating fact from fiction. Great job!

  12. What an interesting deep dive on cosmetic treatements! I honestly though that they were all surgical, so it’s neat to learn otherwise.

  13. Yea I keep reading and seeing lot of videos on cosmetic treatments and sometimes I wonder will it work on me if I try. I have not tried any treatment but would like to after knowing more about it in detail.

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