Streamline Your Space: 5 Simple Ways to Declutter Your Home and Workspace

Declutter your home

Effortless Organization: Strategies to Declutter Your Home and Working Areas

Discover easy-to-implement techniques to declutter your home and workspace with these 5 simple methods. 

I am not a “MINIMALIST”. I collect things for numerous reasons – attraction, emotional value, or may be need. I have had enough trouble with things that I no longer use but I keep them just because I love them. I am appalled on one level, grateful on another; shocked that there is so much clutter, but the overriding emotion is STRESS. Last week I spent good 5 hours cleaning my closet, throwing out my expired makeup, emptying my inbox, and shredding old bills. Holy crap! There is so much clutter that made me really sick. I decided to call Dr. Declutter for some help. He told me 5 things that can make my life healthy and relaxed.

Steps to remove clutter

Here are 5 things Dr.Declutter can do to help you.

1. Understand clutter

It is very important to understand clutter. If we go by the actual meaning then:

“Clutter is confusing or disorderly state or collection, and possible symptom of compulsive hoarding”

Clutter can be mental as well as physical. In both the cases, it leads to unwanted stress. However, clutter is a very personal thing and it differs from person to person. What seems to be a clutter to you can be a vintage collection for another. It is not as simple as it looks; according to the New York Times, excessive clutter and disorganization are often symptoms of bigger health problems.

I don’t want to scare you but I want you to identify clutter in your house and get rid of it. RIGHT NOW!

2. Effect of clutter

Clutter fill our mind with excessive stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile) increasing the workload of our brain to work overtime and concentrate on stimuli that are not important. Let me give you a very simple example that happens to most of us. You woke up late in the morning (Nothing wrong in that). You start getting ready; you stand in front of your closet which is overflowing and you don’t know what to wear. You pick up a dress, somehow, and you realize it needs ironing. Boom! Panic! Stress starts to play its game. And you are already late for work.

It distracts us from what should be done and hinders our productivity. Clutter can also invite unwanted guests in home…Mr. Germ!

3. Diagnosis

Diagnosis is extremely easy and personal. No one can really help you in diagnosing the need to declutter EXCEPT YOU.There are 5 places clutter generally find a safe haven. Answer these questions and your response will let you know the next plan of action.

· Open your closet- How does it feel? Is it stuffed? Does it have clothes you didn’t even touch in the past 6 months? Is there a space to keep new clothes?

· Open your drawer- Are papers in their respective files? Can you find your important documents within 5 minutes? What’s the date on the magazines and newspaper?

· Go to your kitchen- Check out your pantry, countertop, and fridge. How do you feel?

· Open your email- What is the status of your read and unread emails?

· Look under your bed- Is it stuffed?

You must have got your answer. Proceed further.

Remove clutter from your home


Now, I am sure you know the areas where Clutter resides. This is the most difficult phase of decluttering. You have to be ruthless. You have to make up your mind to get rid of emotionally attached stuff. You have to be really practical. Follow the following steps and you are done:

· Make a crazy list of things that you need to get rid of.

· Sell, give away, donate, or throw things that you have not used in the past 6-12 months

· Check the expiry dates of perishable items and throw expired things right away.

· Throw or shred old bills, magazines, and papers

· Evaluate your spending habits.

These are a few steps to get rid of clutter. This activity will also highlight the loss that occurs due to compulsive buying. I am going to dedicate this month to helping you declutter your house in an organized manner. Just follow The Crazy List.


Decluttering is an ongoing process. You have to do it regularly as it will start to accumulate soon.

This whole month I will dedicate in making CRAZY LISTS that can help you get rid of clutter in the most organized way. Next Week, I will make a checklist that will help you DECLUTTER YOUR CLOSET in 5 simple ways.
If you haven’t read my post: 10 ways to stay organized every single day.

Have a healthy and organized weekend!

Enjoy making lists, Listen to your heart and Do everything to accomplish it.


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  1. This is such a great post! Thank you for sharing it. I see myself as a ‘keeper’ and from time to time, when stuff are piling up to a point that I run out of space, then I’d donate bags of old clothes; shoes and accessories to charities and nothing feels better than that!

    I’ve never heard of Clutter before. This is very informative!

    Vivienne X

    1. I am glad that you liked the post. We all deal with clutter and at times it just leaves us exhausted and stressed. Next week, I will be making a Crazy List to declutter the closet. I am sure you will like it. Thanks

  2. Great post. Could really relate to the daily struggle of finding something to wear to work. Looking forward to your post on how to declutter my closet. Cheers! 🙂

    1. I am glad that you liked the post. I have dedicated this month to “Declutter”. Please subscribe or follow to get more Crazy list. Thanks.

  3. This is really informative.. I didn’t know cluter would be so effective in our daily life..

    1. I am glad that you liked the post. I am sure now you will try to get rid of clutter that affects your well being. Thanks

  4. Decluttering might have to be one of the projects I do in my 30-days projects!

    1. I am glad that you will include it in your 30 days project. I just love to read your 30 days challenge. Thanks

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