5 Halloween and October Nails Inspiration – I’m Totally Stealing from Pinterest

Halloween and October Nails to Die for

Because Who Has Time for October Nails Originality, Right? Spook-tacular Nail Ideas: Halloween and October Nails to Die For.

Get ready to bewitch and bedazzle with our handpicked Halloween and October nails inspiration. From ghoulishly glam to cozy fall designs, discover the perfect nail art for the spooky season. Dive into our curated collection of Halloween nails and let your nails become the talk of the town!

Hello Lovelies! Guess what time it is? It’s that time of the year when leaves turn fiery shades of red and Halloween makeup fills up our Instagram feeds. Yes, it’s October, and you know what that means – the countdown to the spookiest day of the year has started, and of course, it’s also the to get your nails ready to slay the season! 🍁🎃

Now, let’s be honest, I run out of inspiration when it comes to nail art. But thank the nail gods for Pinterest, am I right? If you’re like me and your nail art skills are, well, non-existent, do not worry! I’ve dived into the world of Pinterest to bring you the ultimate October nail inspo that even nail-challenged souls like me can pull off. And decide what type of manicure you want to choose from – gel nails, press-on nails, or dip powder.

So, grab your favorite fall-themed beverage (spiked apple cider, anyone?), and let’s dive into these fabulous nail ideas for October.

1. The Classic Pumpkin Spice Nails 🎃☕

Listen, if you don’t have at least one pumpkin spice-themed item in your life during October, are you even doing it right? To celebrate the OG of fall flavors, I found these adorable pumpkin spice nail art designs on Pinterest. Add tiny pumpkin decals, cinnamon stick accents, and a sprinkle of glitter to mimic the sugar rush you get from that first PSL sip. These nails will scream “basic but fabulous” – just how I like it!

2. Moody Maroons and Mystical Blacks 🖤🍂

Black is my color.  Well, in October, it’s an absolute must! Pinterest is full of amazing dark and moody nail designs that give off some serious witchy vibes. From deep maroon and matte blacks these nails are perfect for casting spells.


3. Ghoulishly Glam Halloween Nails 👻💅

October wouldn’t be complete without Halloween-themed nails, right? Whether you’re going all out with spooky spider webs and creepy Halloween lewks, Pinterest has got you covered. Plus, these nails will make you the life of the costume party – even if your costume is just a sheet with holes!

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4. Fall Foliage-Inspired Nails 🍁🍃

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the leaves change color, then you know how mesmerizing those red, orange, and gold hues can be. And, like me, if you live in a place that has the same season throughout the year. You can capture that magic on your nails!. From delicate leaf accents to full-blown autumnal landscapes, your nails will be Instagram-ready for all those leaf-peeping adventures.


5. Candy Corn Dreams 🍬🌙

Love it or hate it, candy corn is an iconic October treat. And you can’t deny it makes for some cute nail art! Pinterest has some sweet (literally) candy corn-themed nail designs that will add a pop of color to your October look. And trust me you need no expertise in getting these nails done. These nails are so fun, you might recreate them in summer too.

So there you have it, my fellow nail art novices – a Pinterest-inspired October nail extravaganza!

Whether you’re going for cute, spooky, or cozy this season, Pinterest has all the inspiration you need to rock those fabulous fall nails. And remember, it’s not about being the most creative; it’s about having fun and celebrating the season in your own unique way. So go ahead, steal these nail ideas shamelessly (I know I will), and let’s make this October the best one yet! 🎃💅🍂

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Halloween and October Nails to Die for

Hope you loved the list!

Lots of love.


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  1. oh wow, these are gorgeous!!! I love the pumpkin design, it is amazing. Great options to choose from.

  2. Wow. I really need to up my nail game. Mine are so boring. I just do brown or orange.

  3. Love the Halloween inspired nail art. This is a great idea to immerse in the celebration mood.

  4. Oh wow, those are pretty amazing. I love the variety. The second fall foliage one is my favourite design. Love the colours.

  5. As a mom with 3 daughters who loves getting creative during the holiday season, your post has been a treasure trove of ideas to add a spooky and stylish touch to my Halloween preparations.

  6. Marie Cris Angeles

    Wow! All are pretty! But I like more the Ghoulishly Glam Halloween Nails. It gives me a spooky party night! Thanks for the inspo!

  7. Absolutely agree! October without a touch of pumpkin spice is like autumn without falling leaves. These pumpkin spice nail art designs sound not only adorable but also the perfect way to embrace the cozy vibes of fall. It’s all about celebrating the season’s flavors in style!

  8. I like how many of these were subtle so would work well for the whole month of October! Thank you for sharing this inspo.

  9. I love browsing pinterest for nail inspo! There’s something so warm about deeper autumn shades. I think its fun to have some halloween nail art too!

  10. WOW these nails are really something special for sure, cool nail art and I am loving the foliage nails very skilful work x

  11. These are really so pretty nail arts. This is my favourite time of the year. I would love to get one of these designs on my nails

  12. Such cool ideas! I love the combination of matte and shiny nail polishes. So creative!

  13. Celebrate Woman Today


  14. These are all such cool nail designs! Love them and wish I could rock some cute nails like this…… I just never could do it. It really looks lovely!

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