Breaking the Weight Loss Surgery Taboo: Your Path to a Healthier Life

It’s long overdue to shatter the stigma surrounding weight loss surgery by having a healthy conversation about it.

Weight loss surgery has been seen as a taboo subject for far too long. What are some of your immediate thoughts when this topic comes up? It’s okay to be honest, and most of you are probably thinking along similar lines. You think about liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries that are purely done for aesthetic purposes. In many minds, weight loss surgery is seen as a cheat – a hack to skip over many months of hard work and exercise. 

This is where the problem starts. Yes, there are some people in this world who do undertake weight loss surgery for that reason. However, there are millions more who do it to better themselves and be in much healthier positions. We’ve created this post to break down this huge taboo and explain why weight loss surgery deserves to be a healthy conversation in modern society. 

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Weight Loss Surgery Saves Lives

There’s definitely a connection between people getting weight loss surgery and mental health improvements, potentially saving lives. But that’s not even the point here. For a lot of individuals, this type of surgery is literally life-saving. When people get too overweight, it’s literally a health risk for them to begin exercise programs. If they tried, they could do irreversible damage and possibly suffer from heart problems. 

As a result, undertaking weight loss surgery helps them get down to a healthier weight. From here, they’re able to exercise and follow a healthy diet, allowing them to live a much better life. Rather than it being a cosmetic cheat code, it’s literally a life-saving procedure that enables people to be healthier humans in the future. The fact we don’t discuss this means that loads of people may not see it as a viable option – or could actively avoid it. In turn, it might mean there are people who had a chance of a healthier life, yet missed out. 

It’s About Feeling Better, Not Looking Better

As a society, we often make people feel guilty about wanting to feel better about themselves. We’ve become so focused on the concept of “loving oneself” that we don’t truly get what this means for everyone. Some of us have to learn to love ourselves and the bodies we’re in, but other people may want to make changes. They don’t like how they feel, and they need something to give them a jolt of confidence back. 

That’s why many women opt for weight loss surgery. They want to start on a journey towards self-healing and body positivity. Post-surgery recovery involves things like wearing Fajas from brands like Sonryse, further aiding the body confidence journey. When everything is healed, you can feel so much better about yourself. Not necessarily how you look, but how you feel about everything – it gives you a mental boost. 

The bottom line is that we shouldn’t make people feel bad about wanting weight loss surgery. We also shouldn’t make them think that the only reason to get it is for cosmetic purposes. It should be spoken about openly, particularly with regard to how it can save lives and put people on healthier paths. Instead of viewing it as a taboo subject, see it as something you can educate yourself and others on. 

Consult with your doctor – make a list and ask as many questions as you can. Also, it’s important to have mental and emotional support while making an important decision so discuss it with your family. 

Hope we can have a meaningful dialogue around weight loss surgery and weight loss journey without any bias and agenda.

Lots of Love


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