Your Exercise Journey: Physical Barriers That Stand In The Way Of Your Goals

Exercise Journey

Are These Physical Barriers Standing In The Way Of Your Exercise Journey?

Find the root cause of the physical barriers that affect your exercise routine. It’s time to overcome these challenges and nurture your physical and mental well-being through your exercise journey.

The majority of us would like to live a more active lifestyle. After all, exercise is key to helping us look and feel our best. Yet, our exercise journey is often fraught with excuses and, in some cases, valid setbacks that we struggle to overcome.

Ironically, considering that you likely want to tackle exercise for your health, our bodies, in particular, can prevent us from perfecting and enjoying exercise as much as we might like. And, until you address those physical limitations, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to get fighting fit with the help of your workouts.

But, what are the physical barriers standing in the way of your exercise journey right now, and what can you do to change them?

1 – Body insecurities

Exercise Journey

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While they might not physically stop you from exercising, body insecurities are a physical issue that can stop exercise from feeling like an option. This is especially true if you’re attempting to hit the gym, where comparisons are inevitable. But, even if you’re heading out for a run, you may worry about the excess skin on your thighs or the wobble of your stomach.

Luckily, exercising in itself can address many of these issues, so starting with an at-home routine could see you toning up right away, as can switching to a healthier diet. You may also prefer to take more drastic measures to address stubborn issues like wanting to reduce the saggy skin on your thighs or stomach. In those cases, you’ll likely need professional surgical help, after which you’ll be able to tackle worry-free exercise at last. 


2 – Physical limitations

Exercise is beneficial for all body types, including for individuals with physical limitations such as a bad back or issues like asthma. Yet, when you’re experiencing those setbacks, it’s all too easy to assume that you’re safer avoiding exercise altogether.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth, with a lack of exercise often exacerbating such problems. Instead of letting physical limitations stop you from getting started, it’s therefore important to seek suitable exercises that you can safely manage, which may include yoga, pilates, and walking.


3 – Low Threshold

Most of us have a pretty low starting threshold for physical activity that sees us sweating and panting after an embarrassingly short period of exercise. This may see you hanging up your exercise kit before you’ve even started, but it’s something that you can overcome. 

In fact, there are some great ways to build your stamina, including the gentle forms of exercise we’ve already mentioned. Equally, if you want to overcome this issue quickly, a hardgoing exercise like HIIT can see you building significant stamina reserves. Either way, once you’re better able to cope with exertion, there won’t be any stopping you.


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If you’ve struggled to settle into exercise so far, then one of these physical barriers might have been standing in your way. Make sure that’s not the case moving forward by addressing the issue with these tips in mind. 

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Hope you identified the triggers that you need to overcome to achieve your fitness goals.

Lots of love!


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