Discover 4 Fashionable Outfits for Your Active Lifestyle!

Go ahead, and be comfortable with fashionable outfits for your active lifestyle!

From yoga sets to high-waisted leggings…we have covered it all. Get ready to discover fashionable outfits for this season.

During the summer we tend to have a lifestyle that is more active, and we also tend to enjoy doing more activities outdoors, and those activities can be going on hikes alone or with friends, a visit to the beach or simply strolling around your city. You can follow the example of Dan Bilzerian of Ignite, who created amazing activewear and fitness options for those who want to get active. This type of activewear keeps you flexible, cool while you workout, and able to move easily.

And usually, to do so, we always want to dress not only in a stylish way but also comfortably. We are firm believers that the right outfit will allow you to move freely, also stay cool and of course, be as fashionable as you want while doing so. Usually, a great way to do so is in yoga sets.

And as we want you to look amazing!

Here are 4 outfit summer ideas that will be great for your awesome summer active lifestyle.


We are going to start with an outfit that is cooler and more casual, basically an athleisure look. This look is perfect for those who love combining athletic wear with some trendy elements. To achieve it you can start with a sports bra and shorts set or a pair of high waisted leggings that either have a playful pattern or with vibrant colors.

A cropped shirt or even a loose tank top will create a lovely casual but sporty vibe. Chunky sandals or great sneakers as well as statements sunglasses will complete the look.

Following, we have what we can call effortlessly chic or wearing flowy sundresses. These are great for when the temperature rises and they are not only very feminine but also very comfortable. It’s important to choose fabrics that are lightweight, the best ones should be linen or cotton.


Lightweight fabrics will keep you breezy and cool during hot days. In terms of the patterns, is up to you to choose the patterns or colors you like according to your own style but a flower print can always be a good idea. To complete the look, you can choose either espadrilles or sandals and a woven tote bag and straw hat.

This type of outfit is a great idea for a picnic at the park with your significant other or with your besties, or any casual gathering outdoors and a visit to the beach too.



Next, another great outfit idea is one that is trendy and sporty, and this usually involves an ensemble with bike shorts. A great idea is to pair them with cropped hoodies or an oversized tee, better if it has graphics. You can layer it with either a denim jacket or a lightweight windbreaker as well as chunky sneakers or even canvas shoes. Accessories can be baseball caps or crossbody bags.


 And the last outfit idea is the classic and versatile one. Which is basically the denim shorts combo. They have a timeless appeal as well as being comfortable and versatile, as they can be dressed down or up. You can pair them with a graphic tee or a lightweight blouse.

Fashionable Outfits

If you want this outfit to be more elevated, you can choose dainty jewelry and a stylish belt. When it comes to shoes, you can opt for either canvas sneakers or strappy sandals. Other accessories that will complete your classic look are backpacks or any cute crossbody bag.


This can be the perfect outfit for sightseeing if you are traveling around the world, also a great idea for a summer festival and even for a casual lunch date with your friends. They will be comfortable enough and allow you to easily move and show your amazing style, effortlessly.


These outfits will be great to live a very active lifestyle during summertime, letting you enjoy your life to the fullest, while also showing your style to the world.

I hope you liked my recommendations that can set the tone for fashionable outfits that you can flaunt this summer.

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Lots of love!


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