Huda Beauty Empowered Palette Review: A Palette with the Power to Transform!

Huda Beauty Empowered Palette Review

When it comes to makeup, nothing tugs at the heartstrings of beauty lovers than a beautiful eyeshadow palette.  Huda Beauty Empowered Palette Review is all ready with some juicy deets!

From “Fearless” to “Unstoppable,” each shade name in EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty is like a little pep talk waiting to happen as you apply your makeup. Let’s dive into Huda Beauty Empowered Palette review – A Palette with the Power to Transform 


Hello Lovelies, makeup mavens, and beauty buffs! Today, I’m dishing out my personal views, and juicy deets in Huda Beauty Empowered Palette Review. From “Fearless” to “Unstoppable,” each shade name in this palette is like a little pep talk waiting to happen as you apply your makeup. It’s like having your own personal cheerleader in a palette!

EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty was launched on 3rd October 2022 and I had to get this palette on the launch itself. I played with this palette for nearly a year before writing the review. However, perhaps more than anything, a good eye shadow palette is something that has a mix of warm and cold undertones – this palette hits the nail. I didn’t purchase the earlier launch of Huda Beauty palettes as I wasn’t attracted to their color story. But it was time for me to upgrade and enjoy some new eyeshadow formulas.

This eyeshadow palette has:

2 x Gel Hybrid Eyeliner Shadows: Super pigmented hybrid eyeshadow creams. Used as eyeshadows, liners, or eyeshadow bases once set.

2 x High-Shine Wet Metallics: Innovative wet metallic eyeshadows.

1 x Crushed Flake Gold: Extra luxurious crushed flake metallic shadow to add serious sparkle to your attitude.

2 x Powder Metallics Soft shine metallic pearl shadows that build to a foil effect.

9 x Powder Matte Eye shadows: Intensely pigmented, velvety soft mattes with a suede finish that you can seamlessly build and blend.

I am so excited to try this palette and create some great looks this festive season.

EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty


What I liked about EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty palette?


1. Packaging: Let’s kick things off with the packaging. When I first laid eyes on the EM(POWER)ED Palette, I felt like I had just discovered a hidden treasure in my makeup drawer. The packaging is sleek, and chic, and screams luxury. It’s the kind of palette that makes you want to show it off to your friends like it’s your latest crush – and trust me, it’s totally worth the bragging rights! There’s even a QR code embedded on the front of the palette that you can scan and get exclusive content from Huda.

Isn’t that cool?!

EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty


2. Shade Range: When you open this bad boy up, you’re greeted with an array of stunning hues that are as versatile as they are beautiful. From earthy neutrals to bold, shimmering metallics, the Empowered Palette has got you covered for any occasion – whether you’re slaying a Zoom meeting or hitting the town for a night out with your squad. But if you ask me the winner in the palette is the two hybrid gel eyeliner. You don’t have to search your makeup drawer to find one – it’s just there in the palette. I am also highly impressed with the glitters – “Limitless” (gold crushed flakes metallic), “Charisma” (pure Gold wet metallic), & “Bold Moves” (white gold and true gold metallic speckles).

3. Pigments: But here’s where the magic truly begins: the pigment. I dipped my brush into one of the matte shades, and let me tell you, the color payoff was so intense that I felt like I could conquer the world. It’s very easy to layer and blend the mattes in the palette. Speaking of blending, these shadows are like butter – smooth, creamy, and effortless. Even if you’re a makeup newbie, you’ll feel like a pro as you blend those shades seamlessly together.

However, apart from mattes, I prefer my fingers to apply metallic and glitter shades and blend the edges with the brush. Also, you need a stiff angled brush for the 2 gel eyeliners to get the perfect application.

EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty

4. Longevity: The longevity of these shadows is truly impressive. I put them to the test in the scorching heat of Singapore and Dubai, and they held up like champions.


What didn’t I like about the EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty palette?

 1. Fallout: Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – fallout. We’ve all been there, right? You can expect glittery blizzard exploding on your cheeks, especially the glitter gold crushed flakes or metallic speckles. I would advise you to do your eye makeup first.

2. Gel Eyeliner: Yes, I said that’s the best thing in the palette but there’s a catch. If you don’t set it up with matte eyeshadow, then it fades away like a gentle whisper on a quiet night. I hope that makes sense. Always set the gel eyeliner so that it stays put the whole night.

EM(POWER)ED by Huda Beauty


Final Verdict

The Huda Beauty Empowered Palette is a great warm-toned palette with some cool-toned shades. It’s the kind of palette that makes you feel empowered (pun intended) and ready to conquer the world – or at least your makeup look for the day. It’s also a great palette that can help transition from a day-to-night look.

I would highly recommend this palette to someone who’s getting married and wants to invest in a good palette, bridal makeup artists, and someone who loves to play with warm-tone colors. With its stunning shades, great pigments, and long-lasting formula, it’s a must-have addition to your beauty arsenal.

Your eyes will thank you, and so will your Instagram followers – because, let’s face it, you’ll be posting a lot of eye-catching selfies!

Huda Beauty Empowered palette review

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Hope this review helped you in taking the decision.

Lots of love


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