Helena, Montana: The Ultimate Vacation Destination You Can’t Miss!

Helena, Montana

Fancy a visit to the US? Why not touch down in Helena, Montana?

While Helena, Montana, is not quite the biggest city in the state, it’s the most interesting to tour, and a visit here will give you a sweet taste of the local Montana lifestyle. So pack your bags, make sure you’ve got some hiking boots in your suitcase, and spend a few days in Helena to find out what makes Big Sky Country one of the best places to be. 

Helena, the capital city of Montana, is nestled in the heart of the Big Sky State. Situated midway between the renowned Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park, Helena boasts a storied past in gold mining and has transformed into a thriving community of passionate outdoor enthusiasts.

 Helena, Montana

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Rent a Car

The first you’ll want to do when touching down in Montana. You’re likely to start your journey in Bozeman, so check out Bozeman Montana airport car rental and get yourself a reliable vehicle. You can then make your way safely and efficiently to Helena, but be sure to stop off at places like Big Sky Resort or the Museum of the Rockies first. 

Visit the Capitol

The Capitol is pretty hard to miss, seeing as it’s surrounded by neatly trimmed gardens and can be seen from most points throughout the city. If you want to see the government in action, be sure to book yourself in for a tour. Helena’s Capitol building is open Monday to Friday, meaning you can schedule a visit any time during your visit. 

Head to the Cathedral

The city is pretty unique in that it has its own cathedral, built in the early 1900s to look like the amazing architectural feats found across Europe. Free to enter, you can take a tour, walk around the grounds, or attend a service. The cathedral is a great place to get some quiet time on your own, so if your vacation has been a bit hectic so far, this is where you can slow right down. 

Helena, Montana

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Head Up Mount Helena

The state’s namesake, Mt. Helena, and its city park can be found in the southwest portion of the city. If you decide to visit, you can use any of the six trails to get around and/or through it, as well as find yourself in the connected Helena National Forest. You can even find the cave known as Devil’s Kitchen if you know where to look for it! 

Check Out a Ghost Town

Ghost towns can be found all over the United States, typically in areas known for large mineral reserves. The United States Gold Rush was a busy period for town establishment, but now many of those areas lay ‘abandoned’ and in ruins. 

Montana is no stranger to the phenomenon either. You can find at least eight distinct and different ghost towns within the state, but the nearest to Helena is Marysville. But don’t panic if you see someone around the town; it’s probably because a few residents still call it home

If you want to vacation with a difference this year, visit Helena in Montana. As far as capital cities go, this one is a bustling cultural center where you can find a lot of strong local life pushing through. 

Helena, Montana
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It doesn’t matter whether you are a history buff, outdoor adventurer, or nature lover, Helena, Montana, has something for everyone. It’s a destination that offers an unforgettable experience with a welcoming community. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and set your sights to your next adventure in Helena.

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Travel Helena, Montana - The Ultimate Travel Destination
Travel Helena, Montana – The Ultimate Travel Destination


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