New Year 2024: New Intentions And Reflecting Learnings Of 2023

My Journey Unfolded: 5 Unforgettable Moments of 2023 and the 5 intentions for 2024

As the curtain falls on the most transformative year 2023, I find myself immersed in reflection, reminiscing about the moments that shaped my journey. From learning Vedic astrology to experiencing a new environment, each moment has contributed to the growth of my life. As I welcome a new year, I am not going to make any resolutions but I am going to write down my intentions for 2024. Join me as I unravel the five unforgettable highlights of 2023 and unveil the dreams that fuel my excitement for the coming year.

New Year, New Intentions


5 Unforgettable highlights and lessons of 2023


1. Moved to Singapore from Dubai

After spending more than a decade in the glamorous city of Dubai, I moved to the vibrant city of Singapore. This relocation was not on the cards but it happened so spontaneously that I didn’t get the time to process it. From the outside, it seemed a seamless shift from one expat-driven country to another but it’s much more than that. In this narrative, I delve into the profound pain of relocation, exploring the intricacies of bidding farewell to one world and embracing another.

Lesson learned is – Change is inevitable!


2. Started learning Vedic Astrology

I have always believed in astrology as a science. I also feel that the connection between space and time affects our lives and guides us to achieve our soul’s purpose. The only thing that I never imagined was that I would start learning about Vedic astrology and would get so engrossed in it. I started learning about the planets and constellations (Nakshatras) how they affect our lives and what’s the significance of a birth chart. 

Lesson learned: You are never too old to learn something new.


3. Professional Milestones and Unexpected Opportunities

Career paths are rarely linear, and 2023 proved to be a testament to the unexpected twists and turns that led to professional growth. The year unfolded with unforeseen opportunities, challenging projects, and moments of recognition that fueled my passion and commitment to grow my blog and social channels.

Lesson learned – Persistance is the key!


4.  Adventures in Learning and Exploration

 The pursuit of knowledge and the thrill of exploration marked my 2023 journey. Whether delving into new subjects or immersing myself in diverse cultures, the year was a mosaic of learning experiences that expanded my horizons and enriched my perspective on the world. It gave me a better understanding of different cultures, food, and fashion.

Lesson Learned: Learning and Un-learning is a process!


5. Moments of Gratitude and Mindful Living

Amidst the hustle and bustle, 2023 taught me the art of gratitude and the importance of mindful living. Cherishing simple joys, practicing mindfulness, and cultivating a spirit of thankfulness became anchors in navigating the complexities of daily life. From a materialistic life to a comfortable and mindful life, I realized that the only thing matters is mental and physical well-being.

Lesson Learned: Cherish small moments every day!

It’s not that I had never learned these lessons before but 2023 ensured I mastered these lessons. 🙂

Relocation to Singapore


5 Intentions for 2024

This year holds the promise of new adventures, fresh challenges, and unexplored opportunities. I hate using the word “New Year’s Resolution” as I always fail so I am just setting my intentions for 2024. 

1.  Prayer

This year I intend to connect with my God and soul. I have learned it’s extremely important to establish and nurture a spiritual connection.By incorporating prayer into daily life, I aim to nurture a spiritual connection, seek guidance, and express gratitude

2.  Priorities

This year I intend to keep a check on my priorities and make sure that I do not procrastinate. The biggest weakness I have is procrastination and this year I am aiming to reduce it by keeping a checklist and prioritizing my goals. Prioritizing helps to avoid distraction, cultivate productivity, and ensure that energy is directed toward endeavors that truly matter.

3.  Peace

I intend to put intentional efforts to let go of negativity, forgive, and seek resolutions, individuals aim to create a harmonious inner space. This year I don’t want drama, I want peace. Sometimes, peace is not affected by the external environment, it’s the inner peace that matters the most – this year my focus will be on mindfulness and meditation. 

4. Positivity

No matter what I will try to be optimistic this year. The intention for positivity revolves around cultivating an optimistic outlook on life. You can’t move on in life with constant complaining and pessimism so this year I will try to be positive.

5. Patience

I am also setting an intention for patience as it is an acknowledgment of the value of waiting, understanding, and accepting the natural flow of time. I get anxious and impatient at times when things don’t go my way and this results in decisions that I regret later. 

I welcome the adventures and discoveries that await in 2024. Here’s to a year of growth, connection, and the endless possibilities that make life a fascinating journey. Happy New Year!

New Year, New Intentions

What are your intentions for the year 2024?

Hope you liked the post!

Lots of Love



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