Refresh Your Style: 5 Steps to Detox Your Wardrobe!

Revamp Your Closet: A 5-Step Guide to Declutter and Detox Your Wardrobe

Transform your wardrobe with these 5 essential steps to detox your wardrobe and declutter. From purging unused items to organizing essentials, embark on a journey to streamline your style and rediscover the joy of a curated closet.

It’s Saturday and last week I promised to give you a CRAZY LIST to declutter your wardrobe. Let’s do it together- together! This month every Saturday, I will come out with a crazy list to declutter your home and mind in the easiest way possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to be a “MINIMALIST” but I want you to be a “REALIST”. Before I start with the list, you will have to promise me two things: HONESTY and STRONG HEART. I want both of these to get a perfect result. So, what are we waiting for!

Let’s begin with a guide to DETOX and DECLUTTER your closet in 5 steps.

1. Detox day

This is the first step to start a detox of your closet. Select a day to declutter your closet. Take out 2 hours from your busy schedule and dedicate solely to your clothes. As they say, if you respect your clothes, your clothes will bring respect to you. Do it once a month or once in three months.

I prefer once in three months.

2. Create a mess

Take out every damn thing from your closet for sorting. Once you take out everything from the closet, it will be like a blank canvas to fill in color. Wipe your closet with a dry cloth and let it have some fresh air.

3. Sort into piles

This is the most important step in this activity. It requires lots of patience, honesty and strong heart. There are various kinds of clothes that reside in your closet. Segregate your clothes in these piles:

a) Clothes you love to wear and you take it out of the wardrobe every week.

b) Clothes you never worn and you don’t wish to wear in near future as you have developed a dislike. For me this pile is really huge because I buy clothes when there is a discount and I just want to own it. After a while, I realize it was a waste of money. SHOPPING GUILT!

c) Clothes that don’t suit you. After my pregnancy, my body shape changed and I had to get rid of clothes that don’t suit me anymore. Look for clothes that doesn’t fit you anymore, either they are too tight or too loose.

d) Clothes for special occasion. Your expensive dresses that you wear only on a special day. Keep it in a different pile.

e) Clothes that are sentimental. My mother still keeps all sarees that she bought 30 years back as there are memories and emotions attached to it. Luckily I am not as attached to my clothes as I am attached with my jewelery.

f) Clothes that you just can’t let go. I found that I still keep my old t-shirts and jackets from various events from my life and I don’t wear them. I don’t have courage to toss them as there is an emotion attached to it and they take so much of space in the wardrobe.

g) Clothes that are damaged and stained. Make a pile of clothes that need some stitching or dry-cleaning. Or are simply damaged.

Detox your wardrobe

4. Grab two boxes

Get two boxes and tag them- Donate and Trash

Donate Clothes: It has become a ritual for me. I donate my clothes to any organization or to the donation boxes to make sure that they reach the people who need it. It gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can contribute to society in any way. I do this on my birthday that is on 25th December. Trust me it will make you happy. Clothes that don’t suit you anymore and clothes you never worn donate them. Give it to someone who needs it. You will feel BLESSED!

Trash: I know this is the toughest thing to do but believe me you will feel better after getting rid of clothes that are damaged and are still there in your closet.Clothes that are damaged and Clothes that you just can’t let go, THROW THEM!

5. Arrange Clothes:

This is the easiest step in the process of wardrobe detox. Keep clothes in the wardrobe in the following manner:

1. Start with one item of clothing and stack them together. Keep all your pants, jeans and trousers together.

2. Color coordination will help you in giving you an idea of what is your favorite color and which color you can avoid next time you shop.

3. Place your least used items at the top of the closet and the most used items in the main area of the closet.

4. Use boxes for pair of socks, underwear and accessories.

5. Hang or keep air freshener or dryer sheets to keep your wardrobe smelling fresh.

I detox my wardrobe once in 3 months and it gives me immense satisfaction. Clutter is something that brings stress as a by-product. Next time, when you open the wardrobe you will experience the freshness and glorious space you just created. It will also detox your mental and physical well-being.

Next week, I will make a crazy list to declutter your kitchen and pantry. Kitchen is the most neglected place in our home and it is also the best place for germs to live and multiply.

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