8 Affordable ways to improve your home security

Home Security Checklist

Movies and TV Shows glorifies the accomplishment of the high-end heist. These bad guys are stylish, dressed in black leather and have some of the most advanced tools. Projected as heroes, these people have the sharp mind and clear plan of action.

In reality, professional burglars look like an innocent man walking down the street. They are looking for the opportunities to target a new house and break into the home of hardworking citizens.

Last month, three men broke into my parent’s house, where I spent twenty-nine years of my life, and stole treasures we worked hard for. It’s heartbreaking! I can’t get into the details of the burglary as the investigation is still on. There are few laxities that came to the forefront which we can’t ignore. And unless we take some concrete actions to protect our house, we are vulnerable to such attacks. These are simple and effective steps you can take to protect your home from break-in or theft.

1. Install quality locks and doors

It would be a great favor for the thieves by not taking care of the point entrance. Install solid doors, windows, and deadbolt locks; make it harder for burglars to enter the home. Even the professional burglar will not spend more than few seconds to open the door. He would avoid making a noise while trying to break into a house as it will be too risky for him. Get in touch with Locksmith service providers to get a quote and detailed consultation to secure your home.

2. Maintain your shrubbery

Maintain shrubbery so that it doesn’t look overgrown as it is a perfect place for a burglar to hide behind. It should be of a perfect height to create a barrier and low enough that no one can hide. Display “Beware” signs if you have a dog or alarm. It definitely works!

3. Install a security system

A high-quality security system is one of the most important you can do to protect your home and family. Consider many aspects before buying the security system – size of your home, entry points etc.
A monitored home security system is the perfect way to have a surveillance whether you’re at home or away.

4. Automatic Lights and Motion Sensor

Install automatic lights and motion sensor as burglars are more active at night. Motion sensor lights offer a perfect balance between energy efficiency and security. Motion sensor technology will sense movement in the dark and will scare the intruder.


5. Secure home when leaving on vacation

80% of times burglary takes place when there is no one in

the house for a long period. When you are going away on vacation it is important that you should take care of the following things:

a) Inform your neighbors of your plans and request them to watch your home when you are away.

b) If possible ask someone to collect the mail or held by the postal service. Piles of unattended mails is a good sign that the house is empty.

c) Cancel newspaper in advance. If it is not canceled then ask someone to take care of the newspapers/parcels/deliveries.

d) Appoint at least two light timers so that they can switch on and off lights.

e) If possible, hire a guard to take care of your house when you are away for a longer duration.

6. Keep expensive items out of sight

As much possible, keep expensive items out of sight as it will tempt burglars to target your house. What is a good incentive to a burglar to pick your house? An expensive flat screen TV or music system visible from the window can tempt him to pick your house. Do not leave the boxes of your last purchased home or kitchen appliances around your yard. Keep your curtains drawn…you never know who’s watching!

7. Keep jewelry and important documents in safe/lockers.

It may seem like an obvious thing to do but most of us ignore it. It is EXTREMELY important to keep your jewelry and important documents in a locker or safe. Rent a bank locker or hire a reputable service provider to keep your valuables out of your house. provider. If this isn’t possible then you need an in-house safe/locker to keep it safe. Get a picture and note down every single piece of jewelry and document that you keep in a safe.

8. Record the serial number of your valuables.

Thieves cannot run away with a serial number. It is important to record the serial numbers and description of your valuables (e.g home and kitchen appliances, laptop etc.). This process is important as it can help you get your items back if ever you become the victim of the crime.

Protect your home before you go on a vacation or when you’re home!

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What do you think I missed out on the list? What is your story? Share and let me know!

Home Security Checklist

Disclosure:Β This is a sponsored post brought to you byΒ  lockupservices.ca. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience

98 thoughts on “8 Affordable ways to improve your home security

  1. These are wonderful tips. I think sometimes we forget how important it is to make sure we keep our homes secure. It’s our safe place and where we are most comfortable. It’s reminders like this we need so that we can make sure our homes stay safe.

  2. I have been lucky to have not experienced a break in. That includes my car. A security system is a good thing to have but other plans need to be in place as well. Sometimes when you combine more then one security measure it’s a benefit.

  3. I’ve been lucky to have not experienced this situation. I once forgot to lock the door of my condo but luckily nothing has been stolen. Thank goodness. I become more careful after that.

  4. It’s heartbreaking to hear that people broke into your home! So scary and frustrating. I hope the investigation will end soon and the burglars will be found <3
    I'm so lucky for living in a secured building today. When I was a kid we had several break-ins and it's so scary.
    Thank you for these wonderful tips, which I hope will help prevent events like this in the future.

  5. We’ve been broken into before and it took away all sense of security. We were in an apartment in college at the time and moved because I didn’t feel safe there anymore. These are all great tips and similar to what the police told us to do as well!

  6. I’m so sorry for the robbery! This people really need to be stopped and your tips really alert me for so much things I should be doing, I only have the security system in place but always worried when I’m away during trips!

    1. I think recording serial numbers of your valuable is one of the most important thing to do even your security system is in place. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  7. These are some really useful tips. We never leave keys anywhere close to the front door. Sorry to hear that your parents had to go through such a terrible ordeal. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. I have lived in a condo or an apartment building for the last ten years and it is so easy to figure out how isn’t home and it’s an easy target if you can get in the building which is far too easy sometimes. But having things like this helps so much. I am glad we have always recorded all our serial numbers!

    1. I completely agree sometimes it is far too easy to break-in an apartment, so it’s better to safe than sorry. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  9. Sometime the simple life has its advantages: I only have a small flat in a building where everybody knows everybody which makes it difficult to rob us (and it wouldn’t be worth it, anyway….). But I guess that for house owners your tips are really useful and very complete, taking into consideration even details like maintaining the outside of the house in order…good post!

    1. Apartments are relatively safe considering there is guard always there at the foray and CCTVs are installed on entrance and every floor. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  10. These are some great tips. I totally agree on the point that we should always keep expensive jewelry and documents out of sight. Most people tend to flaunt their expensive items, especially on social media these days and they become easy targets to these anti-social people.

    1. This is also one of the important point to consider…flaunting on Social Media is a big NO. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  11. So sorry to hear about your parents home. It really makes you think when it hits home. I will be taking all your tips into consideration now.

  12. Nice checklist for securing a home. I really like those security lock in house, at least you can change the code anytime. And your checklist really helps, especially if going away for vacation.

  13. as a frequent traveller, keeping my home safe mainly while away is crucial to me. Your tips are very clever and I already follow some of them. I must start doing also all the rest you suggest, i.e. recording serial numbers. I’ve never done it (yet)

  14. Oh no! What an ordeal! You have some great tips here for sure. I never leave a key outside the house. I’ve been so blessed. I have never had something like this happen. Knock on wood.

  15. I’m so sorry to hear that you had to deal with your parents losing a bunch of stuff in a burglary. That would be awful. These are great things to remember when you are going on a vacation. You have to pay a lot of attention to detail when not being home.

  16. These are some great tips. I made sure to install quality locks and doors when I had my house built. Also, I added cameras inside and outside my homes because I’m a tad paranoid, LOL.

  17. These are excellent tips, I’ve been thinking about getting a light timer for my house. Luckily, I houseshare so there’s rarely long periods where we are all away.

    1. That’s awesome…atleast there is someone there in the house all the time. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  18. This is a perfect list of precautionary steps one should take for their homes. It’s a shame that these burglars get away with one’s hard-earned treasures and all we can do is just wait. πŸ™ I’m so sorry that your parents had to go through this, I hope the culprits are caught soon.

    1. Oh! That’s bad. I completely agree with you it’s better to be safe than sorry. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

    1. Yes…I think the best place for expensive jewelry is a locker at home or bank. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  19. So sorry you experience this! Definitely helpful hints to deter any future burglaries. Glad you’re all safe.

  20. Excellent suggestion for protecting your home. I think motion lights are a great idea. They would really deter a robber, I would think. It’s also a really good idea to write down the serial numbers of your valuables. That way if you are broken in to, and the thief tries to pawn your belongings you can possibly identify them and get them returned to you.

    1. The serial number of valuables definitely helps in recovering stolen items and also, get thief caught. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  21. Making sure your home is secure is so important, especially when you are gone on vacation or something. I will say, I feel like my dog is a great level of potential defense if need be as well. She is big, she is loud, and she sounds mean, even is she is just a lover!

    1. Wow! That’s awesome. I am sure she is a lover who is there to protect you from predators. Thanks…I am glad that you liked the post! πŸ™‚

  22. Excellent information! I really like your points about securing your home while away. Some of them seem like little things, yet they can be very effective.

  23. Good tips! I didn’t know that recording serial numbers of your valuables can help in replacing or recovering them in the event of a burglary. It’s definitely something I will think about doing.

    1. It is extremely heartbreaking! I think it is better to be careful and alert…Thanks, I am glad that you liked the post. πŸ™‚

  24. In my day job I actually have a client who provides home insurance, so have been working with some UK lifestyle bloggers to get their homes more secure with smart tech products – they’ve had some very interesting results! This post is a great reminder that security is so important x

  25. Good article. Thanks for sharing this information with us, this is very useful for every one. Thanks for sharing the information that what steps we have to take when plan holidays.
    Best regards.

  26. This is really a great information. We have to be alert every time, High security camera’s is best option and using best locks systems. This information useful for lot of people. Thanks for sharing.

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