Top 5 Mistakes When Visiting the Sunshine State – Florida

Sunshine State Florida

Avoid These Common Missteps When Traveling to Sunshine State – Florida

From underestimating Florida’s diverse climate to overlooking its delectable cuisine – I’ve got you covered from every angle!

There are tons of things you can do when visiting the Sunshine State. But there are also many things you shouldn’t. Some activities are once in a lifetime if you are lucky enough to catch them, and you will kick yourself over others, from missing food to beach activities.

Sunshine State - Florida

Not Planning Your Transport

Florida is a big place, and even areas like the Orlando theme park district take some getting used to. Travel is a large part of getting around the parks and, indeed, the state. Many families choose to stay near the theme park area in Orlando, but that’s just a small slice of what Florida offers. Airport transportation in Sarasota and other surrounding areas is essential to get you to and from hotels and some of the amazing places the Gulf Coast has to offer, like Siesta Beach.

You’ll also need a way to get around if you want to do a little more exploring. So whether you do that through getting cheap rental cars, or you make use of public transportation, you’ll have to have a plan in place. As long as you do that, you’ll find it’s a lot less stressful and more enjoyable, thus making the trip so much better.

Missing Out on Great Food

Like many families, you may choose to spend most of your time within the theme park area in Orlando. And this is fine because the place is amazing. You can also find excellent family restaurants within the parks. However, you won’t get a real feel for Florida and Southern food by eating only at the parks. If you want to experience some real local food, then venture out a little to famous restaurants like Flying Fish, Yachtsman Steakhouse, and Amare near Disney World.

Sunshine State, Florida

Head Inland when Visiting the Sunshine State

The beaches of Florida are among the most stunning in the world, and you definitely need to visit at least one. However, golden sands and stunningly clear skies aren’t the only thing the state has to offer. You would be missing a lot if you didn’t take some inland trips among the hills of Florida to towns like Ocala. This rural town offers everything Equestrian, so it is great for horse lovers. You can then head downriver to the Rainbow Springs or Ichetucknee Springs State Parks.

Not Making the Most of the Beach

As mentioned, the beaches of Florida are stunning. You have over 1,350 miles of coastline to choose from, where you can sun away the days. Some oceanside relaxation is great and all, but there is so much more to Florida beach life than lazing around and doing nothing. There are plenty of activities that Floridians and tourists alike love to do. This includes snorkeling and surfing. You can also catch nesting turtles and lagoons with bioluminescence at night.

Visiting During Hurricane Season

Florida is known for its adverse weather. Fortunately, this usually happens within a very specific window, from the start of August to the start of November, when hurricanes are likely. However, many people visit during these times because they can be cheaper. Yet you could be risking the enjoyment of your visit if you decide to come to Florida during this time. Only come If you are happy to risk being caught in a hurricane or prevented from entering theme parks for a while.


Not considering your transportation options is a mistake when visiting the Sunshine State. You will also miss out on some great attractions if you stick to the tourist and beach areas. And you may also risk your vacation experience by coming during the few months of hurricane season.

5 Mistakes while traveling to Sunshine State - Florida

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Hope you don’t make one of these common mistakes while traveling to the Sunshine State, Florida.

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  1. Nice information 😀😀

  2. I’ve been to Florida a few times, and neglecting the interior of the state is a HUGE mistake. I’m so glad you mentioned that. Florida has a TON to see throughout its land.

  3. Great article–this from someone who’s lived in Florida for 2 decades. The canals of Ft Lauderdale are a must see, too!

  4. I have been to Florida many times and I really agree with your note about food! When I stayed in the parks area or just places near the popular beaches, I found I wasn’t a big fan of the food. However, when my Florida local friend took me around, I found the most incredible hidden gems!

  5. Oh my goodness, there’s so much to consider when planning a trip to the Sunshine State! Neglecting your transportation options is definitely a mistake. You’d be missing out on so many incredible attractions if you limit yourself to the tourist and beach areas. And let’s not forget about hurricane season – it’s definitely something to keep in mind when planning your vacation experience. But don’t worry, with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can have the time of your life in Florida while staying safe and secure!

  6. our tips and personal stories gave a fresh perspective, and I’ll definitely remember to pack sunscreen and stay hydrated on my next visit. Thanks for the insights!

  7. Honestly, it would be such a huge mistake not to plan your travels while here. Florida is quite big and if you are foreigner like I am, you will most likely get lost and lose out on so much time, trying to find your way.

  8. Great read! Loved your insights on common Florida visitor mistakes. Spot-on advice, especially about sunscreen and hydration. Suggestion: Include tips for handling alligators safely. Keep up the good work!

  9. I’ve only been to Florida very briefly. It is good to have some strategies for visiting! I would love to go visit the beaches some day.

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