Junoco Lip Milk Review: The Ultimate Milky Lip Bath Tried and Tested

Junoco Lip Milk: The milk bath for your lips with nourishing ingredients and intense hydration.

Indulge in the ultimate lip care experience with Junoco’s Lip Milk. In this in-depth review, uncover why Junoco Lip Milk stands out as a game changer. Discover the luxurious formula, nourishing ingredients, and transformative benefits of Lip Milk, exclusively from Junoco. Elevate your lip care routine with LIP MILK by JUNOCO today!

Even the most dedicated skincare connoisseurs sometimes forget to pamper their pout! Guilty as charged here too! Our lips might have a unique shape, hue, and color, but they are just as much skin as the rest of our faces. It’s a delicate skin that is prone to dryness, pesky cracks, and fine lines, and they are more susceptible to sun damage than any other part of our body.

Fun Fact: Lips do not have sweat or oil glands. And that is why our lips get chapped even in summer.

But better late than never! A little care and affection towards our lips can give us pout-worthy lips.

I have been a little ignorant towards my lip care and it’s not related to me being lazy or ignorant. It’s because I couldn’t find a lip mask, balm, or lip care product that addressed my pain points.

Let me list down my pain points when it comes to lip balm/lip mask or lip care products:

1. Scent: I do not like the scent in my lip products. It makes me sneeze as if there’s an explosive reboot of my olfactory system.
2. Heavy or waxy texture: I find this really annoying as it feels like coating my lips with a layer of product rather than providing hydration.
3. Applicator: I am looking for an applicator that’s easy to use and isn’t messy.

Am I asking too much?!

Then, one fine day, I discovered Junoco Lip Milk, and it felt like my prayers had been answered. (I am not being dramatic here!). So, my lovelies, here’s my detailed review of a lip product that’s a game changer for people like me who detest scented, thick, and waxy textured lip care products.


What is Junoco Lip Milk?

“Lip Milk is your all-arounder for lips that crave round-the-clock hydration and smoothness without the sticky, greasy feel. This unique milky formula, different from traditional lip balms, can be used as an intensive overnight lip mask, a quick fix for chapped lips pre-date, or a go-to lip prep for ultra-smooth lipstick application.” Junoco Lip Milk 

Junoco Lip Milk


What are the core ingredients of Junoco Lip Milk?

1. Squalane: Softens and supports natural skin barrier
2. Jojoba Seed Oil: Hydrates and nourishes with antioxidant properties
3. Acerola Cherry Extract: Rich source of antioxidants and polysaccharides for hydrating
4. Vitamin C: Brightens and fades hyperpigmentation. It also boosts collagen production.

Sephora Clean, Gluten-Free, Vegan

Junoco Lip Milk

What did I like about Junoco Lip Milk?

First off, let me just say that I’ve never been a fan of traditional lip balms. I hate putting my fingers in the tub filled with petroleum jelly and chapsticks never worked for me. My lip care regimen completely changed after, I stumbled upon Lip Milk. And now, I am completely obsessed with this milky lip bath.

How do I use it? I use a thin layer of lip milk in the morning before starting my skincare routine ( serum, oil, and moisturizer). Then, I apply it 2-3 times during the day. I have also applied a thick layer onto lips for overnight treatment as a lip mask and it works wonders. However, I prefer using it throughout the day as and when needed.

Pro-Tip: Do you want your lipstick to last longer on your lips? Use Lip Milk as a primer and then slight dust setting powder onto it. Your lipstick will not dare to move a bit unless it is prone to bleed.

Junoco Lip Milk

Now, let me list down things that I truly love about Lip Milk by Junoco:

1. Texture: My biggest pain point when it comes to lip balms is the thick, and waxy texture. I hate that sticky feeling on the lips. Lip milk has a smooth, and creamy texture. It feels like applying hydrating moisturizer on the lips. It’s more like a luxurious milk bath for your lips. Yes, you heard me right, a MILK BATH. 🛁

2. Tiny Beads: Surprise! Surprise! It has tiny red beads packed with jojoba oil that burst open to deliver much-needed nourishment. It also gives a cooling sensation that’s very relaxing.

3. Scent: It doesn’t irritate my olfactory system as it doesn’t have any strong fragrance added to it. Sometimes I wonder – why do we need fragrance in a skincare product? I mean I can handle mild fragrance, but some lip balms come with such strong vanilla or rose fragrance – that it can deter anyone coming close to kiss.

4. Applicator: I am obsessed with the packaging of this milky lip bath. It comes in a tube with a cap that has a needle, it makes sure that the product is perfectly sealed. The packaging of the product screams luxury and has aesthetic appeal, with its sleek design and environmentally conscious material.

What did I not like about Junoco Lip Milk?

I honestly feel that Lip Milk is a game changer when it comes to lip care products. I have no complaints about this product as it addresses my pain points. It’s as if this product is made for people like me. The only thing that I want to complain about is the availability of this magical potion outside of the US. I mean, I can get it on Amazon Singapore or Lazada but it would be nice if they could accept orders outside of the U.S. or open their store here.

“Hello, Mr. C.E.O of Junoco – It’s time to spread the Lip Milk to Singapore and Dubai too. We deserve milkiness magic too! 🌏💋”

My Final Verdict:

If you are someone who hates that greasy feeling, then this product is for you. Its creamy texture gives the required hydration to the lips without being overpowering. You can reapply it as many times as you want without feeling tacky and sticky. It’s more like giving yourself a lip spa in the comfort of your home. But if you are someone who loves the fragrance and waxy texture of the lip balm then you might feel this product to be too light for your liking.

Winter is coming and I recommend you – run and stock it up!

You can order Lip Milk from JUNOCOs website.

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Lots of Love,


Disclaimer: The product review you read is based on my genuine and unbiased opinion. I want to be completely transparent with you, my readers. Junoco provided me with the Lip Milk product in exchange for an honest and impartial review. Transparency and honesty are of utmost importance to me in delivering this review.

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