Monday Motivation : Nothing will come of nothing

Monday motivation kit: Nothing will come of nothing

I am going to tell you a little secret: Nothing will come of nothing.

Your single dose of Monday motivation.

Isn’t it a clever wordplay by Shakespeare. If we do nothing or make no efforts to achieve our goal, we cannot expect a favorable result for our endeavors. Sometimes we just need a push, especially for a Monday motivation. If you’re in a need of a little boost to encourage you, then you’re on the right page. 

Daily affirmations with some gratitude and positivity.


Your very own “Emergency care wall.”


Be Mindful


Get rid of Motivation Killers


Restart your relationship with yourself – Be Flawsome


Daily Brain Dump- Pull out from your mind, put it down on paper



 And Finally….remember this!



Do let me know what makes you grow? Rejection, Heartbreak, fear or challenge?

I am kicking off a series next week and would love to hear all your thoughts, ideas, strategies, experiences, etc.

Hope you got some Monday motivation.

Have a great Monday!